View Full Version : Thoughts to end the season

04-16-2008, 10:38 PM
What are your thoughts to end this season?

I must say, I thought we would be in the playoffs. We should have made the playoffs because the East is awful. However when 2 of your starters, your point guard and best big man nontheless, only play in half of your games I can understand why we missed the playoffs this year.

I was happy with the way Rush and Diener player. They didn't blow me away but I felt they did what you should expect from backups. I felt bad for them in a way because when we signed them a lot of people were down on them. Neither has team changers but I think both can make solid contributions to a winning team. I think Bird did a good job in signing these guys for the money we paid for them.

Ronald Murray wasn't bad. I just think we need more of a natual point here. If we re-sign him though I won't be ticked because I appreciate what he gave us. I think that without him we would have been out of the playoff race a long time ago.

Mike Dunleavy really came out and played well for us this year. I still have questions of him and Danny playing together and really competing for a championship but Mike is a damn good player and played damn good for us this year. My hat goes off to him. I think his play alone made that GS trade worth it.

Danny Granger, continues to get better. If only the rest of the team could be improved....hint Larry make some moves!

I think that Shawne showed us some flashes of what he can become. Hopefully he gets some consistant playing time next year and hopefully he gets his head screwed on straight.

Troy didn't have a bad year. He was solid. However he still isn't a guy i'm fond of having on this team for 10 million a year. To bad no team is dumb enough to take on his contract. Well except us.

Ike Diogu started off nicely but then got injured and was lost. I don't know what to think of him. I'd like to think positive things and hope he turns out to be a nice starter for us but only time will tell.

Please get Jamaal out of here. DJ might be our best opition as far as getting a point guard but just dump Jamaal for about anything.

I'd like to see Marquis gone as well. This really isn't so much against him, it's that I feel we have to many swingmen. I think that with Danny, Mike, Shawne, and if we re-sign Kareem we will be just fine and if Kareem isn't re-signed we shouldn't have an issue finding a solid bench player. I would LOVE to get Greg Buckner in a trade. Anyways my thing here is that Marquis isn't worth the 6 million dollars to us with all the other players we have there.

Jermaine can go. Easier said than done though.

Of course David will not be re-signed. Thank goodness. I thin this is pretty well set.

I thought that Jim did about us well as expected. We weren't as good defensively. I think it goes to show that you need players more than you do a system. Hopefully we can make some changes and after a year of playing with it the others can improve next year.

Mostly, i'll be happy if we can just get rid of Jamaal and Marquis this summer. Jermaine and Troy would be nice too but I don't expect that much change.