View Full Version : Analyzing Positions: Small Forward.

06-08-2004, 05:20 PM
Starter: Ron Artest
Main Sub: Al Harrington
Others: Jon Bender/James Jones

Ron had a good year. But I don't know, I debate trading him. He just messes up the whole offense. I can barely stand to watch him.

Harrington was great being our sixth man. He was a true one as he would fill in the starting role with ease. He is going to go though. Job well done though. Indiana just isn't his place I guess.

Bender has alot of hard work ahead. He has to have a good summer. He needs to add 10-15 pounds. Get his weight to 230-235 range. Then just work on his game overall. Everything.

James is a question mark still. He could turn out to be a good pick at 49.

If Indiana was looking at trading Artest, a diffrent starter would be:

- Mike Dunlevy
- Desmond Mason
- Josh Howard

Lets not forget that if Artest was traded we would get more than these guys. These are just possiable players who might fit in well with our team, starting.