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06-06-2004, 07:04 PM
Hey whats up guys, new to the board just wanted to introduce myself. Im a huge Pacers fan livin in SA, TX where as you might guess there arent too many of us. Grew up in Indy (Marion County) so Im a big Pacers and Colts fan. Anyway, was looking for some Pacers info at the end of the season and came across this board, seems like a good place to hang out and talk Pacers. And by the way, there is no way in HELL the Spurs are gonna let Ginobili get loose from their grasps. Their foundation for the future is built on Duncan, Parker, Manu, and more than likely Nesterovic. And I dont know if we would even want Turkoglu, ( I know the ******* hit that big 3 in our regular season game at SA, I was at the game, ruined my night :mad: ) but he seems to choke come playoff time, he cant make a shot to save his life in the playoffs, so i wouldnt want him on our side. Anyways lookin forward to talkin Pacers in the future. Peace. :cheers:

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Welcome aboard!

And you're right, Manu's pretty much untouchable.

06-06-2004, 08:34 PM
If they pursue Kobe or Tmac , Manu will be gone ..so I wouldn't say he is Untouchable.