View Full Version : coroner's report: 07-08 IU mens hoops

03-22-2008, 06:02 PM
well, i performed the autopsy and here are my findings:
this team was a paper tiger. they had a great power forward in dj white (a power forward playing center) however, they were shown to have little else as the season progressed. like dbone said- this team didn't really have any particular strategy outside of playing one on one ball and chucking up 3's. in other words they pretty much gave gordon the green light to do whatever and i never really saw any real development of the rest of the team or any real purpose the other players had other than to pass it around the perimeter and give it to gordon for a one on one isolation. over this season i found many of dj's points came off of gordon's misses. if gordon couldn't find a shot, he often just threw it out to someone to chuck up a 3. i would have to dispute it with anyone who thinks sampson was a good coach and even if iu had waited to can him after this season they would have done better- i strongly believe we still would have lost to arkansas. they were a tall and long team much like uconn and it showed.

they proved they could beat weak teams sometimes badly which gave an impression that perhaps they were for real. they were not. this team played a cupcake schedule and when faced with good teams that had height- they lost. there is no doubt in my mind that had we played arkansas in the reg. season, they would have beaten iu anywhere. they were simply better and would beat them regularly.

i came to my final conclusion of this team after the uconn game because i felt like they had exposed the truth about this squad. this was a team that had talent but, they were a small team without a real game plan and when faced with teams that had real centers playing the spot, it was over. we had no real presence in the paint outside of dj. he was it and over matched against substantially taller opponents. thats not a knock on dj. he should have been playing the 4 spot but was the only thing approaching a center this undersized team had and it showed itself. he needed help in there and just didn't get it.

gordon is simply not close to being ready but the sad fact of todays game is that it doesn't matter anymore if one is ready or not. they draft on the possibility of one's game and not whether they can really help or not. they want talent above all else and he does have that.
he SHOULD NOT be a lottery pick but, he probably will be and i think he will get eaten alive in the pros.

where they go from here is anybody s guess. this is a program in disarray and as a vote of confidence in the A.D. the university has put together a 10 person committee to pick the new coach. i wonder if next years team will even make the ncaa tourney with so much gone. i expect next years team will likely be in the middle or back of the pack in the big10.