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Los Angeles
01-16-2008, 02:46 AM
First of all, let me tell you a story.

Recently, I was in Dallas working on a trial. Some stupid accounting thing. Usually, the big big hours come right before the trial begins. It's all about preparation not unlike preparing for game-day in the NFL. opening statement is the big hoorah. There is no rest until the gun sounds.

Anyway, this particular trial's "openings" were to begin on the Monday RIGHT AFTER the Sunday Pacers/Lakers game two weekends ago. So I was going to miss one of the few opportunities to see the Pacers live. No biggy, I only get the super-cheap third tier tickets anyway but I was disappointed.

Now, I also have this friend. We graduated high school together and somehow in our 30's we both ended up in the LA area. He's a sales guy for an airline, and they always have season tickets for the LA teams. On occasion, provided none of the other sales reps have a legitimate client that wants to go to one of these events, my friend will hook up one of his buddies and go to a game.

Keep in mind, these are GREAT seats. Phenomenal. In these seats, a player could end up in your lap, and you'll be passing a hotdog to someone famous.

I've been hounding my friend for YEARS to get me tickets to see the Pacers. I haven't been a pest and about 2 years ago I even stopped bringing it up at all.

Last friday, I get the call. "Hey ____, I've got tickets to Sunday's Lakers game. Wanna go?" I was so busy I didn't even realize that he was talking about the Pacers sunday game. I said, sorry, I'm in Dallas working but thanks anyway....

About an hour later, I looked up who was playing, and flipped my lid. "****! ****! ****! ****! AAAUUGGGGHHH!! It's the Pacers game!!! NOOOOOooooooo!!!!"

I call him thanking him a million times for remembering that I'm a fan and this is exactly the game I had mentioned that I wanted to go to. He's fine and found someone else (not a basketball fan) and no harm, no foul.

Here's the best part. The very day of the game, one day before openings, one of the parties in the lawsuit gets cold feet and agrees to settle out of court. I find out around noon Dallas time. I look at the clock and the flight schedule and realize with a broken heart that there is no way I can make it to L.A. in time for the game. 6 hours earlier and I would have watched Bynum dominate O'neal. :banghead:

I come home and hang for a few days when the phone rings again. "_____, I've got two more sets of tickets and I'm giving you first pick. One game is on the 17th, the other is on the 27th."

i rush to my computer.

17th ............... Lakers/Suns. Sweet.
27th ........... Laker/Cavs. Holy moly.

The only team I would rather see at this point (barring the P's) is the Celtics. This guy just hooked me up.

So, I thought there would be a chance I would go out of town later in the month, so I took the earlier date.

So why am I telling all of you?

I've been really really busy lately and haven't followed the league as closely as I should. Will some of you analysts give me a breakdown? What should I be looking for? What should I know?

Any special requests?

I hope to get a new camera and post photos if I get a chance.

Anyway, party on, Garth.

01-16-2008, 11:54 AM
LA, I was just about as lucky as I can get in Charlotte and got floor seats under the basket When Charlotte played Milwaukee last week. The only people in front of us were media and there were several asian media there covering Yi.

I will say, yeah the opponent sucked overall, but it was DAMN cool to see a game that close and be that close to the action. I had a freaking blast, and cheered for the Boobcats(felt guilty all night doing it) but still had a great time.

There is no better way to see a game. It was unbelieveable. We couldn't find anyone else to use our 4th ticket, so we brought along our 3 yr nephew. It was his first NBA game, and an experience he'll never forget. Since we were so close, Rufus(the mascot) came to play with him several times throughout the game. He was on the big screen several times as well. And we were sitting right in front of the Boobcats cheerleaders. Heywoode with his telephoto lens could have checked out the pores in their skin. They were literally about 2 yards away from us most of the game. At the level we were sitting at, when they stood up and bounced around, you felt guilty for staring.......

All in all is was an experience I won't forget. I can't imagine what it would be like at a Lakers game, especially a high profile game like the lakers vs sun, it should be really cool.

Enjoy it and take pictures. If I ever get the pictures off my camera from the game I went to, I'll post them.

By the way, Yi Jillian is one tall mother****er.....He actually has a pretty decent jump shot, and had a couple really sick blocks. But was still ackward in rebounding and stuff a big man should be really good at.

Los Angeles
01-16-2008, 02:41 PM
I think if Yi bulks up and smartens up he has fantastic potential. I'm talking All-NBA potential. (When on earth will the All Star system be reworked? the kid is not even close to All-Star worthy).

Then there's part of me that thinks he could be the next Bender.

I'm thinking a camera is a top priority now better go to the store.