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Diamond Dave
06-01-2004, 07:36 PM
Well I've been away for awhile, not that anyone would notice as I just recently started posting but I figured once I got back I'd have to add this story to the "Pacer Fan in Hell" files.

Last weekend my family (Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, and I) left for a weekend trip to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. We got there early Friday morning that night after touring the town my mother had scheduled us to take part in a mock witch trial. No fear, Dad and I made sure we packed a VCR to tape the game. Everything is set up now we just need to set the time. I reach to find the controller and OH GOD! there's no controller. After trying to figure out a way to get back to hotel and then back to the trial after supper proved to be impossible my father and I had no choice but to skip the trial and watch the game. The women weren't happy but what were we to do? Oh well that was the best situation regarding games this is nothing in comparision to Sunday.

Sunday, the family tours around and enjoys itself all the while my dad and I know that the biggest game in 4 years is tonight and we also know that tonight is the ghost walk that has been reserved for us for months. Come about 6 o'clock my father and I begin hinting the idea that maybe we should stay and watch the game. This hint is met with unrelenting stares and we knew that we'd be watching the highlights later that night.

7:15 we arrive at the "King's Arms Tavern" (George Washington's favorite restaurant during his days in the city). This place was very cool. No lights just candles. Old oak tables in what looks like a colonial house. Good food too. Ghost walk starts at 8. Now Colonial Williamsburg is a cool place if thats your thing. However one thing against it is that it's employees and what seems to be most people from Virginia are very rude and give very poor service. This definetly applied to our waitress. When she finally got around to taking our order in a most sour mood it was already 7:45. My mother is beginning to get nervous about if we will make it to the ghost walk on time. 8:15, we recieve our food. Everyone is eating as fast as humanly possible. 8:25, we have to leave right now as we have to walk there since no cars are in colonial williamsburg. We someone has to stay behind to pay the check. Good ole dad promptly volunteers and I couldn't leave of course, why I'm not done eating.

Yes! we're gonna see the game. Now if we can just get the waitress we'll be on our way back to the hotel. Where is the waitress? The question we continued to ask ourselves for the next 15 minutes. Until the appearce of a large lanky man standing 6'5" appears in our dining room. He walks in complete in colonial get up. He is here to lead us in song, the song is "Queer bung-ureye". And it is our job to sing the chorus which goes as such "Fo a diddle eye, ruddy eye, ruddy eye". Of course normally I wouldn't partake in such foolery, but for fear of being delayed any longer by being heckeled to sing I must commence in the singing.

So lets recap, it is 8:50 the game started 50 minutes ago, we still haven't recieved a check, and we're stuck singing "Queer bung-ureye". I'm very frantic at this point this guy leaves and finally we spot our waitress. We politely apologize and ask if we can have our check and our complimentary dessert to go. Or at least we try but this couple behind us interrupts us to ask our waitress to take a picture of them. Finally we ask and at 9:10 brings us our desserts and then asks "Oh did you want your check"? 9:20 we get our check in which cost $173 to scared of how long it would take to get our change we lay down $200 giving this b!tch a $27 tip.

We're down the steps and out the door running to the bus station to get a ride back to the hotel. Then we spot the ghost walk tour across the street, we slide through some alleys not to be spotted that way we wouldn't be forced to join them. Finally some good luck, we didn't have to wait on a bus for very long. We get on and are headed to our hotel we stop at 9:32 and then thats when my dad and I found the one good employee in the whole place he is nice and talkative. Before he opens the bus door he said he forgot to sing his goodbye song. Fortunately he opened the doors before he started and we shot off like rockets. Up to the hotel into the elevator. Dad is reaching for hotel key. "F#CK!!!!!" reverberates off the elevator sides and throughout the hotel as we realize that mom has the room key.

So needless to say after having to have another key made we finally make it to the room to watch the remaining of the terrible disaster.