View Full Version : Anyone record the Wizards game?

12-25-2007, 03:43 PM
Did anyone happen to tape the Wizards game from Saturday night? I usually try to tape the games that I go to, but forgot to set my VCR before leaving, and am looking to get a copy, because I think my 12 year old daughter was on the FSN broadcast. Someone with a camera came up to her and told her to smile, but she did not appear on the jumbotron. We had lucked out and got tickets in lower level seats right near the visitors basket, and she was wearing her Christmas "antlers" when the camera man came around, so I think the camera guy thought, "here's someone festive, let's get some footage."

Please send me a PM if you can help. Will try to make it worthwhile if someone can burn me a complete copy. I have some feelers out to some other PDers that I communicate with every so often and whom I traded tapes with in the past, but so far, I haven't located anyone with a complete copy.