View Full Version : Carlisle's substitution kills momentem in run that got to within five

05-31-2004, 08:39 PM
My facts are sketchy -- couldn't find a chart for the exact times and score -- but I believe we were within five or six somewhere in the fourth (ten minutes?) when Carlisle replaced Artest with JO.

Immediately, we started losing ground.

The group that got us close was, I believe, Freddy, AJ, Artest, Cro and Harrington.

Now, I know some are complaining about Ron's performance last night, but he contributed a number of times in that run, and also helped with a steal that was big in changing the momentum. He was also D-ing up Rip.

And, because of JO's injury, Ron is the best player on our team right now. Now, explain to me, why do you take out your best player during the only run of the night? It was THE crucial mistake of the game, IMO.

(Two caveats: I did read some, but not all the threads, so someone may have already discussed this. Also, I think Rick is a great coach, but all coaches make mistakes, and this was definitely one.)