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12-13-2007, 10:35 PM

Wonder if she has a good nickname like 3 fingers?

Trader Joe
12-13-2007, 10:40 PM
So they had stopped at a gas station? Doesn't sound quite like the high speed reckless chase that we thought it might be.
This whole situation is ****ed up. I'm sorry to put it like that, but thats what it comes down to. I hope they catch these scumbags before this happens to someone else.

12-13-2007, 11:29 PM
Here's a little more information:


Police seeking woman on gas station video prior to Tinsley shooting

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CBSSports.com wire reports

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Indianapolis police say they want to identify a woman who is seen in the video getting out of the Chrysler and walking into a Marathon gas station store early Sunday morning. Her face passes close to the camera.

"We would like to talk to her and get information about the driver of the Chrysler 300 and listen to their side of the story," said detective Steve Walters of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The gas station camera shows Tinsley's car parked at a pump and the other car stopped diagonally behind it at another pump at 3:21 a.m. Tinsley can be seen in the background, getting out of his Rolls and glancing at the Chrysler.

Police showed only a few seconds of the video to reporters Thursday afternoon.

Officers say the two groups appeared to be arguing after they pulled into the station.

A section of video not shown to media depicts people gesturing with their arms, Walters said.

Earlier in the evening, Tinsley and some companions had gone to an R. Kelly concert and then stopped at a club called "Cloud 9" on 38th Street, Walters said.

Police have said Tinsley's group arrived in a dark Mercedes, a Dodge Charger and the Rolls-Royce. A group of people gathered around the Rolls and harassed Tinsley about his cars and his money as he and his group were leaving.

Police say Tinsley and his companions stopped at the gas station and then drove downtown.

About 20 minutes after the gas station stop, another security camera at the luxury Conrad Hotel downtown shows Tinsley's Rolls-Royce pulling up and four men getting out.

Police say a blue pickup truck, that may have been a Dodge, drove past moments later and someone inside sprayed shots from a .223 caliber assault rifle at Tinsley's cars.

Tinsley was not hurt, but Pacers equipment manager Joey Qatato, 48, was struck in both elbows as he sat in the Rolls. He was taken to Methodist Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Walters said the Chrysler 300 was with that pickup truck, but the pickup was not seen in the gas station video. Those cars followed Tinsley's vehicles from Cloud 9 to the gas station and then downtown.

Police have said Tinsley told them his group realized they were being followed and pulled into the Conrad instead of going to the player's home.

The gas station security video gives credibility to that story, Walters said.

The detective also corrected previous reports that Tinsley's brother James chased after the pickup and the Chrysler in another car and fired shots during the pursuit. He said James Tinsley returned fire with a handgun in front of the Conrad.

Coincidentally, Walters was working a part-time job a block from the Conrad when the shots were fired.

"I heard the first series of shots go off," he said. "Then in about anywhere from seven to 15 seconds, the second series came off."

Walters said police don't have license plate information on the cars that followed Tinsley's, but they have received several tips on the pickup truck.


12-14-2007, 01:53 PM
The detective also corrected previous reports that Tinsley's brother James chased after the pickup and the Chrysler in another car and fired shots during the pursuit. He said James Tinsley returned fire with a handgun in front of the Conrad.

Oh yeah? I sure would like to know how that story got screwed up. Did James change his story or did the police report it to the media incorrectly or did someone in the media get it from some "undisclosed" source? The way it is phrased in this story makes it sound like the latter. :confused:

Unfortunately most people will remember the initial report - Jamaal Tinsely's thug brother went chasing after the shooters vigilante style - rather than what appears to be the case. James Tinsley returned fire with his legally registered gun in self-defense. :rolleyes:

12-14-2007, 01:59 PM
IMO Tinsley looks more and more responsible and victimized by the day. I have zero problem with guys going out till 3, especially when they work 2nd shift. They are having a guys night out and just ran into a bad bunch of dudes (and girl). The timeline of their night sounds really familiar to me, barring the part where someone shoots at me. I never felt like I was living on the fringe, nor did anyone that I knew. By the way, you really think Reggie was never at a bar till 3 am or later? Please.

I blame the local media for taking the initial story in the direction they wanted to for sensationalism purposes. Then again isn't "star player assaulted by gun-crazed gangsters in front of posh 5 star hotel" not just as sensational as "here we go again, Tins outta control in OK Corral gun battle"?

I wonder if the gas station stop was partially to verify being followed and to get someplace lit and semi-public. It seems to have worked a little bit, at least in the way that some of it was caught on film including the female suspect.