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11-27-2007, 12:34 AM
At half time of the Kings game they had a piece on Chuck Person.

It starts with them showing the opening of "The Rifleman" with Chuck Connors. Chuck Person has a voice over explaining that his mom liked the show and she went into labor with Chuck while she was watching the show. Did anyone know that Chuck's full name is Chuck Connors Person? I always assumed his nickname had something to do with basketball.

He said that Indiana is where he cut is teeth on basketball and it's a favorite place of his to go back to. He went on to talk about all the teams he played with (they showed clips of all the teams and some really bad hairdos).

Then they interview Reggie Theus who said that Chuck was crazy when he played in the NBA. "Seriously crazy. Never stopped talking. Never. 'Can't guard me. Give me the ball. You can't guard me. I told you you couldn't guard me.'" Reggie T. went on to talk about trash talking and how it entertained the fans and they came back for more.

Reggie told about when he talked to Chuck about taking the assistant job with the Kings. Reggie asked him if he was still as crazy as when he played. He said Chuck told him he had mellowed. Reggie seemed relieved.

And then the shocker of the halftime piece. Chuck said he was already packed hoping that Reggie would give him the job. The clincher of why he wanted it--Ron Artest. In fact Chuck said "It made it more sweeter for me." :crazy:

11-27-2007, 05:02 AM
Chuck always did have a way of running off with his mouth.

When he came into the league, he really gave the Pacers something to be
excited about that they sorely needed at the time. I seem to remember
the Cavs Ron Harper as being in close competition with him for rookie of
the year honors.

Person was rare in that coming in as a rookie, he had ice in his veins like a
seasoned veteran, and feverishly wanted the ball in his hands when the
game was on the line. No fear or hesitation whatsoever to jack up a game
winning 3 pointer if needed.

He really had a way of getting under Dominique Wilkens skin whenever we
would play the Hawks. Would make him angry, and when Nique would
complain to the Officials, Chuck would just calmly walk off with a little
grin on his face. That was an interesting rivalry they had.

The guy was a real antagonist. Maybe that is why he likes Artest so much.
Maybe he thinks he sees some (or alot) of himself in him.

11-27-2007, 09:00 AM
Chuch was my favorite player for the years he played in a Pacers uniform. he wasn't the most gifted player, but he was very smart and had almost too much mental toughness.

11-27-2007, 11:55 AM
Chuck and Ron will be forever linked because of the brawl where Chuck came out of the stands and ushered Ron out of the stadium with his jacket over Ron's head.

Actually, Chuck was Ron's shooting coach back during Ron's second year with the Pacers. They've been pretty close since then.