View Full Version : what are they thinking?

11-17-2007, 04:04 PM
IMO Donnie and Larry are playing a waiiting game and presently have no idea what to do with this team. They are undecided whether this team can barely make the playoffs or is so bad they must start over.

They did not want to start over last summer and trade JO for prospects anddraft choices and didn't want to go out and get a real shooter so they settled for Rush. No team would conclude that Rush was their answer to perimeter shooting. As a matter of fact the best perimeter shooter on the team is Troy who also needs to be in a position to rebound. They signed a PG guard that few ever heard of.

So in limbo land Donnie and Larry are waiting to see how the season goes and if it goes really badly they might decide to really rebuild. So IMO these guys just can't make a decision what to do and since their last impulsive act seemed to not give the desired results they are back to doing what they do best, nothing.

Oh I forgot they got a new coach who would make JT a better defender and shooter. What will it take to push them over the line? A possible realization that JOB also needs new horses.