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05-27-2004, 08:29 PM
I would love you forever :love:.

No, but this has reminded me that kerosene has said a ton of times that there are a couple other forums that openly post all the insider stuff (at least I think it's all of it). So can kero or anyone else who knows what I'm talking about, please post in this thread the URL of those sites, so now anyone can just go get them and post them here if they aren't already posted? Thanks.

05-28-2004, 01:29 AM
Usually at:

phxsuns.net in the Suns/NBA forum
hawksquawk.net in the Around the League forum. Sometimes in the Draft forum (like today) when it's about the draft and not much else.

kstat's forum seems to have it posted a lot as well.

05-28-2004, 01:29 AM
By Chad Ford
ESPN Insider

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# Ford's Mock Draft

Emeka Okafor may not be a franchise player, nor a savior on the court. But the Connecticut standout could very well be the guy who saves the Orlando Magic from self-destructing this summer.

Tracy McGrady's future in Orlando has never been more tenuous. After a tumultuous season in which McGrady openly questioned his desire to remain in Orlando, he had a heart to heart with new GM John Weisbrod. The rub was this: The Magic wanted to know, needed to know, whether T-Mac planned to exercise an opt-out clause in his contract at the end of the 2004-'05 season.

McGrady didn't have an answer. All he knew was that he wanted to win. He'd prefer to win in Orlando. But if the Magic didn't quickly get their act together, he'd take his ball elsewhere.

The task before the Magic was formidable. The team lost more games than anyone else in the league. They were capped out, thanks in large part to an injured Grant Hill sitting on the bench, wearing a cast and earning millions a month to hobble around on crutches. They had the best chance of winning the NBA draft lottery, 25 percent, but history indicated the team with the best shot almost never won.

Tracy McGrady may now have some incentive to stay in Orlando.
This year's draft is filled with talented players who could make an impact on a team in three or four years. The Magic need someone who can help them now. There isn't a team in the NBA that needs Okafor more than the Magic. After earning the No. 1 pick in the draft in Wednesday's lottery, the Magic might now have the ammunition to convince T-Mac they are back on track.

Okafor won't score 20 points a game his rookie season. He'll probably struggle to fill a highlight reel. But he could give the Magic something they desperately need -- a heart transplant. Okafor's toughness, determination, focus and ability to defend and block shots have been missing ingredients in Orlando for years.

If the Magic choose anyone other than Okafor in the June 24 draft, Weisbrod should go back to chasing hockey pucks.

With Okafor at center (yes, he'll be big enough to do that in the East), the Magic could focus on free agency. Centers don't come along for the mid-level exception, but point guards do. Adding Okafor would allow them to trim down the roster at power forward. Currently Juwan Howard and Drew Gooden both play the position. Perhaps they can package Gooden and a player like Pat Garrity for a veteran point, cap space or another first-round pick.

The point is that for the first time since they started falling apart, the Magic have hope. And hope equals a chance to convince T-Mac to stay around Orlando. The Magic didn't have that before Okafor bounced into their lap Wednesday night. In my book, that qualifies Okafor as a franchise savior.

Well ... almost. Now the Magic just have to hope Okafor's back is OK.

After their miserable experience with Hill -- and a McGrady recurring back injury -- the Magic understandably will be a wary of Okafor's back. If what Okafor and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, claim is true -- that Okafor's back is totally healed -- it won't be an issue. If problems arise, the Magic are in a difficult position. They can take Okafor anyway and hope he'll be OK. Or they can try to move a pick that no one will want.

More Lottery fallout

# Having the Los Angeles Clippers move all the way up to No. 2 may be the best thing that could have happened to the Atlanta Hawks -- short of Atlanta getting the No. 2 pick itself. The Clippers have no use for high schooler Dwight Howard. They have Elton Brand, Chris Wilcox and Melvin Ely at the four. Howard might be more talented than all three, but the Clips aren't about to wait three years to find out.

What the Clippers really need is a point guard. There are several in this draft -- Ben Gordon, Shaun Livingston, Devin Harris -- who they really like, but none is worth the No. 2 pick. Enter Atlanta. The Hawks want Howard in the worst way and just so happen to own two first-round picks.

Don't be surprised if Billy Knight picks up the phone and offers the No. 6 and No. 17 choices to the Clippers for No. 2 and a player such as Peja Drobjnak (to clear more cap space in L.A.). The Clippers could use their No. 6 overall pick on a point guard, or they could use it on a big man such as Andris Biedrins or Martynas Andriuskevicius -- and then use No. 17 on a point such as Jameer Nelson or Sebastian Telfair.

# This year's mock draft was virtually impossible to put together. Just about every team has players ranked dramatically different. For example, one team has Gordon ranked as the No. 5 pick in the draft. Another has him 18th. One team has Peter John Ramos ranked in the top 10. Two don't have him in the first round. The list goes on and on.

And the lottery teams will be entertaining offers. The Bulls like Duke's Luol Deng, but GM John Paxson will likely try to move at least one of his high school players (probably Tyson Chandler) and could try to package him with the No. 3 pick to get another solid veteran.

The expansion Charlotte Bobcats, believe it or not, are also exploring moving their pick. If they can pick up something of value and still get their man, they'll do it.

The Washington Wizards are in an awkward position as well. The top players projected to be on the board at No. 5 are point guards (the Wizards already have Gilbert Arenas, Larry Hughes and Juan Dixon), threes (they drafted Jarvis Hayes and Jared Jeffries the past two years) and big guys who will take years to develop. The Wizards are anxious to get to the playoffs and may not have patience for any of that.

The Phoenix Suns don't really have a many needs right now other than clearing cap room. They say they won't dump their pick for that reason, but at No. 7, there might not be anyone on the board that fits their plan.

The bottom line is that most of the teams in the lottery aren't comfortable with their draft positions, and many of the teams in the second half of the draft covet high school or international players. They have the patience and roster room to bring them along slower. I think you'll see a flood of deals before the draft and on draft day, with playoff teams swapping younger veterans for lottery picks with bigger upsides.

# Don't be surprised if two teams with three first-round picks -- Boston and Utah -- also try to consolidate. There's no value in having three picks, given this year's draft crop. Both teams could try to package picks to move up higher.

If that doesn't work, the Celtics and Jazz will move on to another popular strategy -- drafting young international players who are willing to stay overseas for another year or two. The Jazz could use two of three picks in that fashion. The Celtics may only go that route with one pick.

Several international players, including Marytnas Andriuskevicius, Kosta Perovic, Tiago Splitter, Sergei Monya and Peja Samardziski, appear willing to do it. Teams such as the New Jersey Nets, Detroit Pistons and the Jazz have gone that route with great success in the past.

But they've always drafted players late in the first round. No one's done it in the lottery -- yet. This year may be a first.

Comments? E-mail Chad Ford here.


Insider Special: Rumours (updated 5/27)

Ostertag to pursue 'dream' job


Greg Ostertag
Mavericks May. 27 - Utah may have been his first and only NBA gig so far, but home has always been Texas for center Greg Ostertag. And when he becomes a free agent on July 1, he has no reservations of returning. "I'm hoping they'll bring me in to talk about it at the appropriate time," Ostertag said in the Dallas Morning News. "I'm not a scorer and they don't need a scorer. They need a rebounder and shot-blocker, which I can be. I'm going to look at all my options. But it would be my ultimate dream to play in Dallas."

The paper goes on to note that the Mavs could split their mid-level exception between Ostertag and Marquis Daniels, spend their $1.6 million minimum exception on him or negotiate a sign and trade with the Jazz. But even if Ostertag stays in Utah, he is expected to take a big cut from the $8.6 million he made last season with the Jazz.


Marcus Camby
? May. 26 - The Rocky Mountain News reports Camby is strongly considering exercising the opt-out clause of his contract, which would make him an unrestricted free agent June 30. The player's agent, Rick Kaplan, told the paper Camby is looking for about $60 million over six years and is hoping the Nuggets can accommodate him. "If the price is right, I'll play," Camby said.

If Camby opts out before June 12, the Nuggets would not have to protect him in the upcoming expansion draft.


Tyson Chandler
? May. 26 - Chandler told the Chicago Tribune he hopes the Bulls land one of the top picks in the draft, even if it means the team could selecti a player like Emeka Okafor and make it more likely Chandler could be traded.

"I hope we get the No. 1 pick," Chandler told the paper. "That means our team is better. Drafting Okafor wouldn't bother me. They can pick whomever they want, trade for whomever they want. My job is to be the best player I can be coming into camp and work as hard as I can this summer. If the franchise feels trading me is better for them, that's fine. I just want the Bulls to get better. I prefer to be here, though. This is my home. And nobody is going to run me out of my home."


Mehmet Okur
Suns May. 25 - While the Pistons have been positioning themselves to ensure their ability to re-sign Okur, set to be a restricted free agent this summer, teams are starting to line up to bid for the second-year PF/C from Turkey. The Deseret News of Utah indicates the Mavericks and Knicks have joined a list that already included the Suns and Jazz.


Head coach
Brian Hill
Michael Cooper
Mike Fratello
Byron Scott May. 25 - New Jersey assistant coach Brian Hill will interview for the Hornets' head coaching job, reports the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The paper also reports George Karl's agent has said the former Bucks' and Sonics' coach isn't interested.

Other candidates are said to include Michael Cooper, coach of the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks, and TNT analyst Mike Fratello, former coach of the Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers. Byron Scott, fired by the Nets during the season, interviewed in New Orleans last week.


Brent Barry
Warriors May. 25 - Expect the Nets, Nuggets, Cavs and Warriors to make runs at Barry in free agency, according to the New York Daily News. The paper indicates Barry will be seeking the mid-level exception of $5 million per year over three to four years. However, the Seattle Times cites sources who say Barry has turned down a three-year, $18 million deal to re-sign with the Sonics and is seeking a four-year contract. The Times indicates the Sonics still hope to re-sign him.

Leon Smith

Sonics? May. 26 - Smith told the Chicago Tribune he's participating in the Bulls' free-agent tryout camp this week only because another player dropped out, and his agent indicated to Insider that the 6-foot-10 Smith is committed to returning to Seattle, where he played on a 10-day contract last season and appeared in one game.

Earlier reports out of Chicago suggested the Bulls were looking at Smith, who led the Continental Basketball Assoctiation in rebounding last season.

Smith, 23, was drafted in the first round draft by San Antonio in 1999 and promptly traded to Dallas. But personal and legal issues led to his release, and he was out of the league until joining Atlanta for 14 games in the 2001-02 season.


Troy Hudson
Jazz May. 25 - The New York Daily news reports the Clippers are among teams interested in Minnesota's backup PG, who had ankle surgery in April and is out for the season. However, the paper also suggest Hudson will draw interest from teams like the Suns, Hawks and Jazz.


Gordan Giricek
Nets? May. 25 - Published reports indicate the Trail Blazers have Giricek on the list of shooting guards they hope to pursue this summer, and the Nets could come after him, as well. But according to the Deseret News, Giricek will give the Jazz every opportunity to retain his services. "They (the Jazz) will be in front of anybody," Giricek said.


Shawn Bradley
Jazz? May. 25 - A report that the Mavericks and Jazz were considering swapping centers has been shot down almost as quickly as it cropped up. A Dallas radio station apparently first floated the idea of a Bradley-for-Greg Ostertag deal, and the Memphis Commercial-Appeal subsequently picked it up.

However, the Deseret News reports there "is no substance whatsoever" to the report. The proposal as floated had the Jazz re-signing Ostertag, an unrestricted free agent, then trading him to Dallas for Bradley, who has three years left on his contract.