View Full Version : Let's make a song about the Pacers

08-16-2007, 11:00 AM
I wrote a simple melody, and I need you all to write the lyrics. Basically, cause I'm not from Indiana, my english is not that good, and I don't know that much about the Pacers, there are many other people who can write much better verses. So I just randomly sang something at the points where the verses should come. Write as many as you want! :)

To give an idea how it sounds, listen here (http://studwww.ugent.be/%7Ejmmaes/muziek/Indiana%20Pacers.mp3) (I admit, I got a little carried away at the end). If it's not so clear, this is what I'm singing:


I have an idea it's very simple
Let's write a song about our favourite team
Providing the music is all I can do
I'll leave the lyrics up to you

So listen up people at PD
Create some fabulous verses for me
I know you can do it, I truly do
Even without a big man coach


In 49 other states it's just basketball
But this is Indiana


Hello to your Indiana Pacers
Say hi to your Indiana Pacers
Hello to your Indiana Pacers
Enjoy your Indiana Pacers

With Larry Bird an Donnie Walsh
At the helm of management
Reggie Miller face of the franchise
Too bad he's no longer here

In 49 other states it's just basketball
But this is Indiana

Someday we'll be the champions of the world
But in the mean time