View Full Version : WARNING...Stay away from ONLINE payday loans!

Frank Slade
07-23-2007, 12:13 PM
WARNING...Stay away from any ONLINE payday loan companies..
However if you or someone you know already has a loan or loans, or has applied or thinking of applying for an online Loan.
Let me know, or PM me if you like.

I have a good amount of updated info, material, and who to contact on what is actually now legal in Indiana and 99% of these places do not have a license or follow Indiana Law or most states law for that matter.

In some cases you can actually get a refund back as well.

I believe WI and NM are the only two states that don't have hardly any regulation on what percentage of interest lenders can charge.

Basically if the company is not affiliated with a storefront like Check N Go etc.. run the other direction !

Just letting everyone know before you go down that road.
PM me for more personally applicable details if needed!!