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07-20-2007, 02:58 AM
I've spoken about not being able to see many Pacers games last year but this isn't really what that's about.

With all of the moving around of the past two seasons and new acquisitions, as somebody said in the Diener thread, this team is simply unrecognizable. I swear that I haven't made a post in the Pacers are of PD in what seems like months. If I have it has been about the past. I know that we were winning in the past, but it's about more than that. What has happened to all of the faces? Reggie is gone, there is no bringing him back or anyway to change that, but where are the pacers? I understand that Sjax and others needed to be moved, this team was out of control, plain and simple. Really though, the roster we have now, does it really seem like a team that is going to last?

No, of course not. These guys are all going to be moved and no one is truely going to be a Pacer. Like it or not JO, Tinsley, and Foster are the Pacers. These are the guys that I have grown to know and care about. The heart is gone. Guys like AJ, Cro, Pollard, and even Stephen at times gave that to us. I'm not saying this because I am huge homer, I'm saying it because it's the truth. When is the last time any one of you out there in Pacer Nation was extremely excited about the P's?

Right now, as far as I am concerned, we're living in a beige house with gray carpet.

Where's the excitement?

Dr. Goldfoot
07-20-2007, 03:19 AM
I hear that. All the more resaon to let the team ride as is. The only player I'm excited about is Jamaal Tinsley. I'm sure familiarity plays a part in that. There's a serious disconnect with the team right now. I mean people were all about Fred Jones, Haywood Workman, Vern Fleming and even James Jones. Let these guys go for awhile and you'll find someone to like no matter how crappy they are.