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Cobol Sam
06-26-2007, 09:41 AM
I got to thinking this morning that there have been a lot of rumors going around. And we all know that along with these rumors come posters who claim to have "sources" and insider information. However no one dare name these sources because doing so would cause one of those rifts in the space time continuum you hear so much about.

I however am prepared to name my sources for the good of the community, the integrity of flinging rumors around.

I encourage all you other insiders to get brave! Name that source.

Here is a little information from my last interview with my super secret source.

Name: Vampire Bunny
Age: 800 Years Old
Sex: How do you even check this on a rabbit? Seriously.
Role in NBA Basketball: Key member of Jamaal Tinsley's entourage.
Lets Get that Inside Info:

The first sure fire trade that Vampire Bunny clued me into was Jeff Foster for LeBron James. As we all know Jeff Foster is a hustle man, and hustle translates directly into championships. Vampire Bunny wants to remind you, LeBron didn't deliver a championship to Cleveland. They will clearly be looking to move him.

Second. Another guy who can't seem to help his team is Dirk Nowitzki. This guy couldn't even get them out of the first round. So Dallas is going to trade Dirk and the failed prospect Devin Harris to Indiana for Jermaine O'neal. After all, Jermaine is like the best player ever with the highest trade value... right?

Lastly Vampire Bunny has been in contact with Larry and Donnie. These guys have finally heard the call of the masses (literally 10s) of fans out there who want to trade Tinsley for ANYTHING. Since Jamaal has absolutely no trade value here is what I am assured will happen. We will trade Jamaal Tinsley, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams, and Ike Diogu to Portland for Raef LaFrentz.

That is it fellas. Vampire Bunny has given us all the hookups. He will be traveling to Portland with Tinsley once that trade goes through Thursday night.


P.S. - For those of you who care, I have included a photo to PROVE that Vampire Bunny is real, and that I am actually a very super important and knowledgeable human beings who is worth something!


06-26-2007, 09:49 AM
Lame. I find the disturbing lack of both aardvarks and pantaloons in this post repulsive...