View Full Version : Rot in bug hell !! Japanese Beetles !!

Frank Slade
06-23-2007, 12:07 AM
:scream: http://www.japanese-beetles.com/images/japanese-beetles-photo-01.jpg :scream:

From one Gardener to another beware !!! If you haven't checked outside late this evening you may be in for a surprise. Their baaack....
Just a friendly alert, the ground was so hard and dry they apparently were not able to come out until today at least in my area. It finally got wet and cooled down enough. They were swarming all over my yard

If you have rose bushes. or other plants and trees especially young saplings. that you value, you may very well want to run to the store and get some spray.

I use the standby Sevin (in concentrate form) which seems to work best without harming too much of the wildlife as well. I had 14 trees
6 tomato plants, 4 vinca vines, 2 golden privets, 2 clematis's 6 hostas, 4 rose bushes, 2 ballerina guara's and 4 morning glories to spray. I'll find out tomorrow if it worked.

I just sent a number of them already to thier water grave :evillaugh:

Rot in hell you demonic beetles !!

Knucklehead Warrior
06-23-2007, 10:58 AM
I have also had some success with Malathion. I alternate between that and Sevin.