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01-26-2004, 07:59 PM

Q. I know you've addressed and debunked trade rumors about Al Harrington before, but (recently) I saw Peter Vecsey (on Fox Sports Net) talking about how badly Harrington wants to be traded (to New York, according to the report). Vecsey confidently claimed that Harrington is "demanding" to be traded, and has threatened to fire his agent if a trade is not accomplished. The motive ascribed was the desire to be a starter, with a bit of hometown longing thrown in. What's the real deal here? Does Al truly want to go to New York? Is any such trade even possible? If he wants to be traded but can't be, is that likely to have a detrimental effect on the team dynamics? And if the report is inaccurate, why are such claims being trumpeted so definitively? (From Keith in Spokane, WA)

A. It’s interesting how much discussion and rumor linking Pacers personnel and the Knicks has circulated since Isiah Thomas was hired in New York. The media has even gone so far as to print – unattributed – statements suggesting Donnie Walsh would actually leave the Pacers to become Thomas’ subordinate and run the Knicks day-to-day operations. That, of course, is patently absurd. Now, Al Harrington is being subjected to a trade rumor that just won’t die. Vecsey himself wrote recently that the Knicks are among several teams that would love to have Harrington, but that the Pacers have no interest in dealing the gifted young forward unless they were to receive a comparable young rising star in return. The Knicks have no such players on their roster. And they aren’t alone. Any team with a rising young star isn’t exactly lining up to trade him away.

As for Harrington’s alleged unhappiness and demand to be traded, those reports are, at best, dramatically exaggerated. Harrington has made no secret that he wants to start. But he’s third on the team in minutes and scoring, so he’s playing one of the biggest roles in the team. He also has stated flatly that he has never asked to be traded, let alone made a demand. He told the Indianapolis Star he considered the most recent round of rumors to be “nonsense.” He may not be completely happy with his present role – most players aren’t – but he understand he’s an integral component on one of the NBA’s best teams. That’s a role most quality players covet, not one they seek to shed. This is the time of year when trade rumors begin to fly – some real, most imagined. This one has taken flight on hot air.

Roaming Gnome
01-26-2004, 10:45 PM

First...Where there is smoke there is fire! This rumor just won't die!

Second...I personally believe the rumors are bunk, BUT even if they are...there is the risk of giving this young man bad idea's about how unhappy he could be about not starting and that his hometown has a starting spot waiting for him.

If Isiah is feeding Vescey and the like this crap, that is pretty low!