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06-15-2007, 11:13 AM
Okay, I have been cleaning out my room and I have found all my old Pokemon cards. Yes you read right, Pokemon cards. I've been wanting to sell them but I was going to post them on here before I do it on eBay because I don't have an account over there. I actually went and looked up the price of each of the cards (the prices are recent). The total amount, excluding one specific card, is about $200. The one card that is excluded is supposedly worth $75 but I didn't neccesarily want to just add that to the price cause I probably won't ask that much. I'm not coming out and putting a specific price on all the cards just because I want to get rid of them and make some money. If you interested at all, just pm me.

Edit: Even if you know someone who might be interested, that wold help tremendously.

If your not a member email me at ktsemon@aol.com