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Mr. Sobchak
06-11-2007, 04:31 PM
I don't really know how they'd do it whether it be from the Lakers trade or another trade but if we do get back in the draft I would love for us to get Rodney Stuckey. I think he would fit a number of needs for this current team. He would give us a combo guard who can shoot well and would add some much needed depth to the one and two guard spot. He shot 45% from the field this past year and shot 49% and 37% from 3 the year before. I know he is playing against lower competition but he is only a sophomore. Really he can just flat out score and create his own shot and thats what I think we need to address in the draft if we get back in it.

Heres what nbadraft.net has to say about him.


NBA Comparison: Dajuan Wagner
Strengths: Tremendous scorer with excellent body strength … Has the ability to play both guard positions, with solid ball handling and passing ability … Very good at driving to the basket and creating scores … Has a solid mid range game with a good pull up shot off the dribble … Showed the ability to create offense for himself even with opposing defenses keying on him with 2-3 defenders … Solid 3 point shooter at 37%, hitting 55 on the season ... On top of great offensive skills, he has the ability to lock down opponents defensively … Averaged close to 50% FG and 4 APG despite a weak supporting cast …

Weaknesses: A bit of a tweener at 6-3 as he’s better at the 2-guard position, but showed the ability to run the point as a freshman … Dominated lesser competition, so it’s tougher to gauge his abilities as the level of talent in the Big Sky Conference is inferior … Needs to show better focus on the defensive end of the floor at all times, as he is extremely effective when he gives full effort … He is a tremendous 1-1 talent, but prove he has the ability to involve teammates … A solid though not overwhelming level of athlete ... Could struggle to get shots off the same way on the NBA level as he's small and lacks frekish athleticism ...

Notes: Averaged 24.2 ppg as a freshman (9th in the country)... The leading scorer among returning players to NCAA basketball ... Never scored less than 14 pts all season ...

Here's his draftexpress player blog:


Maybe the best kept secret in college basketball, Rodney Stuckey is once again showing why he will be a NBA first round draft choice in the near future. Following a sensational first year ( 24.2 pts, 4.8 RB, 4.1 assists) where he was both the freshmen of the year and player of the year in the Big Sky, Stuckey is avoiding the sophomore slump and adding to those already gaudy numbers. As of today he is putting up 26.7 pts, 4.7 RB, and 5 assists a game, not to shabby for a guy who wasn’t that highly touted out of High school and had to sit out his entire first year at college.

On the offensive end of the court, Stuckey can do it all. He is a combo guard in the mold of Ben Gordon and Dwayne Wade (before you laugh, check the stats, remembering the Wade also had to sit out his first year at Marquette) who can shoot the deep ball, drive to the hoop, and make the extra pass. He’s not the best shooter in the country, and he’s not the best slasher in the country, and he’s not the best ball handler in the country, but he might just be the best scorer in the country. He has that un-teachable, God-given knack for putting the ball in the basket.

Like Wade, Stuckey’s biggest strength is creating his own shot off of the dribble. He uses his strong body and superior quickness to get past his man and then either pull up for the jumper, or take the ball all the way to the rack, where he can finish with either hand and absorb contact. Because of this, he gets an unusual amount of and one’s for a guard, and he almost always makes good from the charity strike (89%). Like Wade and Gordon, Stuckey has no problem moving over to the point and running the team. For a guy who does the bulk of the scoring, and doesn’t have a whole lot of other options, 5 assists is more then respectable.

Earlier this year, against the University of Washington, Stuckey put on one of the best first half performances that I have ever seen. Washington, an athletic and deep team, threw every one of their defenders at him and he still rattled off 21 points in only 17 minutes of play. It is clear that Stuckey is the only real option for the Eagles, so his stats might be a little padded, but like Adam Morrison did last year, he is stepping up and proving himself against top-level competition.

As far as what kind of player Stuckey is going to be at the next level, I really like the Ben Gordon comparisons. I think he can play both guard positions, and like I stated before, he can flat out score, and the NBA loves a scorer. Stuckey also has that air of confidence that so often comes with great players. He always wants the ball in his hands and he is never afraid to take the big shot. When Eastern needs a basket, they just give the ball to Stuckey at the top of the key and let him do his thing.

On the defensive end of the ball Stuckey is still more about potential then anything else. With his size and strength he has the capability of being a lock down defender at the next level. He also has the frame to add bulk as he gets older, which is going to be important in his NBA development. A lot of players just don’t have the genetics to add a lot of size, but again like Gordon and Wade, he should be able to put on muscle without sacrificing speed and quickness.

Look for Stuckey’s numbers to increase even more drastically once league play begins. There is a really good chance that he could end up leading Division 1 in scoring this year, and then bolt for the NBA. I wouldn’t personally read too much into his league averages, but rather what he does against non-conference opponents and if he can lead the Eagles to the tournament, what he is able to do there.

06-11-2007, 04:36 PM
Oh great compared to NBA flop Dajuan Wagner.

Mr. Sobchak
06-11-2007, 04:40 PM
Last year they compared Ammo to Larry Bird, Sheldon Williams to Emeka Okafor, and Rodney Carney to Richard Jefferson- I dont even take those comparisons into consideration anymore.

06-11-2007, 05:01 PM
Stuckey is the odds-on favorite to be drafted by the Pistons at #15.

Acie Law canceled his workout with us today. Apparently he got a promise from the Clippers at #14.

Apparently, Joe Dumars sees a lot of Ben Gordon in him.

06-11-2007, 05:18 PM
I see a lot of Quincy Douby in him. Stuckey is bigger but both were prolific scorers in college. I would rather have Belinelli or Fernandez before Stuckey.

06-11-2007, 05:20 PM
depends what you're looking for.

Stuckey is more of a combo guard, wheras both Belinelli and Fernandez are pure shooting guards with different games.

Joe's looking for someone that can play both guard positions. That's why he's liking stuckey.

06-11-2007, 05:32 PM
depends what you're looking for.

Stuckey is more of a combo guard, wheras both Belinelli and Fernandez are pure shooting guards with different games.

Joe's looking for someone that can play both guard positions. That's why he's liking stuckey.

Exactly. That's what I meant. I could see the Pistons being all over Stuckey because he would fit well. Plus, there's a slim possibility Billups may not be back (Not sure, haven't really read about that situation for a while) so Stuckey would be good insurance.

Since the P's already have Marquis, I think a pure shooter would be a better fit.

Trader Joe
06-11-2007, 09:01 PM
I love me some Rodney Stuckey. If we could find a way to get him it would be a good draft for me.