View Full Version : Why I would like Odom/Bynum trade and PG situation

06-01-2007, 07:55 PM
Bynum is the key to this trade, as many others have said as well. I think he has potential and would give us a nice start at building a great team, alongside Granger and Williams. Odom could help us stay out of the gutter or is trade able for a good SG. Brown gives us cap relief and we should get a shot in the deep draft whether it's the 19th or 40th pick. That's pretty good for our current situation.

I do have questions as to how our PF spot will be handled.

Would Odom fit as our starting PF or does he add to our SF logjam?

I haven't watched him play but I sure hope he wouldn't just be another SF.

Can Diogu flourish under Job?

If we really want to push the tempo, then Diogu might not be in our future plans. I'm not sure how well he'd fit but might be something to think about.

Can Shawne Williams become our future at PF?

I think that might be the only way we fully utilize both him and Granger at the same time. It would really give us a mobile team that could create mismatches. I would worry about rebounding and post defense though give our probable lack of strength underneath.

Depending on the answers to the first 2 questions, I'd try to trade Diogu or Odom for a young SG that can shoot from outside and learn to defend.

Here's my thoughts on the PG situation

If we really do increase the tempo and let the offense flow, then we NEED to keep Tinsley for 2 big reasons. He'll flourish with these changes and either increase his trade value after the season or become a solid PG for us. It's a win/win situation and if we decide to trade PGs, then after next season is the time to do it. Why you ask? Look at all the PGs that will be available in the 2008 draft and take a guess at how high our pick will be at that time.

Do we need a pick from the Lakers?

I would try my hardest to get the 19th pick but would take the 40th if the lakers refused. If we can get a SG through trade, then I'd try pick up a mobile PF that is a strong defender and hopefully good shooter. If we don't get a SG through trade, then I'd go after a SG.


We need to insist that Kwame Brown is the filler and not Radmon... I'd even think of throwing in Harrison (must include 19th in this case) if they want a big man back or Foster if they give us Farmer and/or Turiaf.