View Full Version : Pacers news from hoopshyep (nothing major)

06-01-2007, 03:17 PM

A number of NBA teams were here to watch Fizer in particular, including Chicago, Indiana, Miami, the LA Lakers, New Jersey, Portland, Charlotte, the LA Clippers, and Charlotte just from the people we were able to recognize from our vantage point.

Another standout from this workout was Desmon Farmer, who averaged 20 points per game in the D-League this year (after being cut by Seattle) and is heading to the Indiana Pacers summer league here in Orlando this July.


The Bucks could be looking for another assistant coach as well. The scuttlebutt is assistant coach Lester Conner could possibly leave the Bucks and join O’Brien’s staff in Indiana, where he could possibly be given the title of associate head coach.

Several NBA officials are convinced the Pacers will trade Jermaine O’Neal to the Lakers for Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum.


Former NBA guard Tim Hardaway attended the pre-draft camp Thursday, making one of his first appearances at a NBA-sanctioned event since uttering homophobic remarks in February. His "I hate gay people" response to an inquiry about former NBA player John Amaechi led to Hardaway's removal from league-sanctioned events during All-Star weekend.


I just posted the TH thing just to see if anyone thinks TH is talking about a front office job or assistant coaching job? Would OB ever consider hiring TH as an assistant? I thought TH said before he wants to coach someday.