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05-31-2007, 02:10 AM
Yeah, I know Kobe demanding a trade and the possibility of him maybe playing here is pretty cool, but is that what we should do? Even if we could get him for say Danny, Ike, Shawn, + anyone and everything for JO, should we do it?

I say no.
The past 3 or 4 years I have noticed something extremely irritating about the state of the Pacers. We have no vision. Before in the past we could stay competitive, make the playoffs, and improve every year. Yes, there were years that we weren't as good as the previous, but I do not recall a time when we have been in such a downward spiral. Ever since those Conference Finals, it has all been downhill from there. Yes, the brawl was a key player in that, but we can't just keep blaming it. It is time to stop using that as an excuse and move on. Since the brawl year, our playoff push and performance level has declined, so much to the point that this year, we didn't even make the playoffs. Reason? No vision.

I will let the brawl year/summer slide because we were performing under some extremely debilitating circumstances. However, when something "bad" happened, like the Artest trade-demand, we "fixed" it by making the fans happy for a short period of time. We got Peja. However, what were the long-term implications from this? None, Peja left and we gave up our first-rounder for Al Harrington. Then in the draft, we passed on a position we were weak in, PG, to go for a player where we had quite a conglomerate of, to get Shawne Williams. He is a great player but not really what we needed when we had Al Harrington, Danny Granger, JO, and Marquis. I mean, he was WAY behind in the depth chart. Great player, but honestly Marcus was the need at the time. Also, we traded 3 second round draft picks for James White, who we cut. If he is really worth that many picks, then why would we cut him? Yes, you can say that Rawle Marshall and Powell played beautifully, but seriously, if a guy is worth 3 2nd round draft picks, you better be for damn certain that you're not cutting him for some bench warmer already in the league. But ok, I'll let that pass too. Then mid-season management thought that the short-term experiment was not working so we traded for Ike Diogu, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, and Kevin Mcleod. Ok, well there goes Powell and in come 2 more PF/C types to overcrowd and already over-stocked position. Not to mention, had we seen ourselves just trading away Powell in the future, we could have kept White. Now we have 0 draft picks, no leverage in the trade market, and we're in trouble.

I think management is still trying to recover from the Brawl damage in PR terms, so they have been going through a band-aid type of regime. When something isn't working or is bad, management has decided to overhaul each time without any plan, just trial-and-error. I don't know if this has been to alleviate us, the fans, or because they do not know what to do otherwise (but I still have faith in Donnie, so who knows). Bottom line? Brayn Colangelo is brilliant. He had vision and perseverance to withstand criticism with the Suns and now they are one of the most dominant teams in the West. Now look at Toronto, a rising team with the right complement of pieces to improve in the future. What about us? A young, unorganized team without much direction.

So I don't think we should go for Kobe as this would be just another band-aid approach to fixing things. I say we go through this pain for a year or two when drafts are good and rebuild. Rebuild and retool because this whole fixing things on the fly is obviously not working.

05-31-2007, 07:19 AM
First off, the proposal isn't a straight-up trade, JO for Kobe. It's (rumored to be) JO (and Tinsley) for (either) Odom, Bynum, a filler player (possibly Kwame or Farmar) and the Lakers' #19 pick.

Second, I agree with you on the whole "vision" issue and staying the course (relatively speaking).

I don't think this team is that bad off contrary to its record to end the season (last 25 games or so). I think the best thing mgmt could do is evaluate what they have and tweak the roster rather than going with the quick fix. Furthermore, they haven't even named the next head coach.

Let's wait 'til the Finals are over, see what happens on or before Draft Day followed by FA signings, and then take things from there. People are going crazy over this "rumor" while everything is still so premature. Take a breather, everybody. Settle down.