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05-18-2004, 06:24 PM
I know this is probably sacrilege on here, but I won't have a chance to watch anything but the opening stanza of the game on account of a prior obligation. Also, I always prefer reading about the games from the actual fans because they know a lot more about the Pacers than any of the wannabe writers. So if anyone can contain their emotions, or simply let them flow, I would appreciate reading a detailed recap on the message board. I don't care if you just watched the game on TV. Somebody please post the details after it's all said and done. First thing I'll do when I get back is check on-line. And it doesn't matter what time. I'm on a 2 hour time delay on the West coast.

Thanks in advance.


05-18-2004, 07:16 PM
I guarantee you, win or lose, this board will be rockin tonight. First off, it's an away game and either we win the series (celebration) or we go to a game 7 (win or go home).

You can expect to see recap after recap on this board tonight.

05-19-2004, 01:46 AM
Here is a recap via ROCIslandWarrior:

1st Quarter:

UGLY...we turned the ball over 6 times in our first 12 possesions. Our Offense was stagant. No ball movement, no player movement. Miami was cold as they shot poor and our D and rebounding kept us in the game. It was a blessing to go into the 2nd only down 4....a real blessing.

2nd Quarter:

We showed signs of life, but not much. Miami stayed cold and we kept playing D and rebounding which was enough to give us a 3 point lead going into the half. The most we led by was 5 (I do believe) so considering our terrible 1st, we were blessed to have any kind of lead.

3rd Quarter:

The game remained ugly, but the Pacers slowly backed the Heat into a corner. The lead grew a little, then Miami went on a run to chop away at it, then it grew even more, then miami went on a run....soon enough though we had a doube digit lead. Stan Van Gundy looked like he was going to have a "cow". The crowd was quiet and the Heat were on the brink....then came the "Dwayne Wade Show"

4th Quarter:

Staring Dwayne Wade...He was CRAZY...hitting tough tought shots and playing good D. Even Ron fell victim to his freak show. We couldn't stop him, and we didn't as our lead VANISHED (I mean poof...it was gone). He picked up a quick 2 fouls and went to the bench with 5 for the game...only wade could stop himself. The Pacers couldn't buy a basket...but they kept attacking and getting to the line. Ron was a beast...he was the only player with any Offensive rythum in the 4th. JO was a "decoy" in this game. Miami was ALL over him. It was clear they were going to make someone else beat us. Infact, they took the lead midway through. But JO did not fluster...instead he did other things like rebound, play D, and hustle. He didn't force the issue, infact, Tinsley took MORE shots than him :laugh: . We took a small lead and held it. JO also had a HUGE block with 2 mins left, which I am SURE you will see on sportscenter.

Alston airballed a 3 at the end to give the Pacers a big W.