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05-17-2004, 06:35 AM
In the Star of this morning, Montieth comes up with an interesting statistical titbit that confirms what some of us, if not many, have said for some time now:

The Pacers, meanwhile, have averaged 15 turnovers in their three victories in the series, and 11.5 in their two losses. That seeming oddity actually points out their need to establish tempo and play with a measure of reckless abandon, rather than getting sucked into a careful, plodding offense.

As i posted before game 5, I hoepd that the players would win another "discussion" about "freedom of play", which is what this relates to.

I feel there were some talks about that and indeed the team won again, less plays called from the side means usually a slightly faster game that simply goes down better with the players we have.
Tins by now has a pretty damn good feel for when quick and when slow, the seconds wasted on waiting for the play to be called by Rick, then setting up are a waste of position usually, it might be needed at some time, but mostly it is not, these players know their patterns and Tins certainly is a good enough floor general to assess what play should be run, based on current position of everyone on the floor.

Sometimes it is not good to have turnovers, sometimes you can have a few more and simply play better. It is the points that are scored from those turnovers that hurt you, those are the ones that should be low :)

It is funny to see what we feel bacekd up by numbers, and I hope that Rick has concluded the same, less control is sometimes something that pays dividend, it is almost as with your kids, sometimes you have to let them go their own way, make their own decisions, just be there to back them up when needed, you'd be amazed at how often they do the right thing.

05-17-2004, 09:02 AM
I think MM is looking at this backwards.

Reason why the Pacers were unable to "run" in the games at Miami had a lot more to do with the Heat's shooting %, than it does with Rick "slowing the team down"

You can't run if you are taking the ball out of the net