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Jose Slaughter
05-15-2004, 06:18 PM
Following the disaster that our team had become after 3 years under its former coach the strides this years club has made has been nothing short of amazing.

The Pacers have the talent to advance far into the playoffs even as far as a championship. However, seldom does a team get knocked out in the first round three years in a row & then come back to challenge for the rings.

It's called being "playoff tested" & while some of our players have gone thru this, our team hasn't yet. They need to get a taste of what it takes to get to the conference finals & beyond before they break thru.

To be honest I didn't expect this amount of trouble out of the Heat. I figured they'd win a game but not a second. I still would be really surprised if we drop another game to Miami, let alone the series.

The third round is another story altogether.

The Nets were counted out after their first 2 games but they have shown they know how to take their game up a notch & looks like they have the Piston's on the ropes.

That is what we have to face in the next round.

Can the Pacers do it?

I hope so, I really hope so.

Doesn't matter if you've been a fan of this team since 67, 94 or this season, we all want to see this team hang a banner & Reggie to get his ring.

This team has come a long way in one short season & the pieces are in place for us to be contenders for many years to come.

Please understand that this might just be part of the process this teams needs to go thru before we have our parade.

I will be watching & cheering along with everyone else as this team, our team, works its way toward the finals. I will be just as heartbroken & sad as everyone else should we end the season with a loss instead of a win. I also will know, & do my best to remind myself each day, that better days are ahead for our team.

05-15-2004, 06:47 PM
We will win the title. Have faith! I feel as though we have a better chance against NJ than Detroit, honestly.

05-15-2004, 07:06 PM
At the beginning of the season, we were all prepared to wait another year, perhaps even two to go all the way.

Now this team threatens to fullfill the promise made when IT came in, now 4 years ago.

We should be happy with every step they take towards being the number 1 in the NBA, nad we will be sad if they don't win this year, out this the next or the final, nonetheless I feel that this team will be a major contender for years to come and if we don;t win it this year, then I am pretty sure we will next year.

I for one am gratefull for all the excitement they have brought us this year, the progress they have made and the awesome display of basketbal they have given many times this year, they bought credibility and afaic time

05-15-2004, 07:20 PM
Well the only thing that matters is that the team doesn't think like that Jose

They don't care what everyone else says or thinks, they have their own agenda

Which is great!

05-15-2004, 07:23 PM
I happen to agree with this and have said as much on other threads.
That doesn't mean I don't hope the Pacers win though.