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05-14-2004, 08:59 AM
Look at our scoring...we scored alright in Miami...so it wasn't distributed well, it can be that's just an adjustment. Then again I don't care if JO scores 112 points and nobody else scores as long as they keep the opposition from scoring. What really happened was our defense went out the window (BIG REVELATION there!). But defense is easily fixable too. It's requires a committment to effort and following the plan. It's not like Our starting center or ALL-World gaurd went down with and injury, defense can be fixed...simply by getting certain players to do what they are supposed to do on defense. Play defense...hit freethrows...and rebound...it's all about focusing on what really matters.

<sidebar> I sometimes think some of our boys sooo expected to win that they allowed the little things to slip by while they focused on the end of the race. The little things snowballed on em and then they didn't react to adversity well. It's like certain players have the "rich-*****" attitude of..."hey give it to me, I don't have to work for nothin' cause I got the best record in the league" mentality.

wondering and rambling...sorry

05-14-2004, 11:29 PM
I agree with almost all of what you said geezer. If the Pacers can regroup and play the way we know they can, they'll take something away from this series. If they don't they'll take something away from it too. The Playoffs require focus, intensity, and bringing the hard hat every night regardless of the opponent. Boston was just completely outmatched and perhaps that made the Pacers complacent. The first two Miami games were won despite the lapses. I hope they're learning about what it takes to win a tough series.

I don't see the series getting easier. Miami had nothing to lose as they were expected to get beat badly. They've won two and it's given them the idea that they can win. And they can. Now, do they keep playing the way they have, or do they start trying too hard to not make mistakes and get away from what they've been doing?

05-14-2004, 11:36 PM
I'd rather learn these lessons now then learn them against Detroit I mean New Jersey. ;)

Even though it's fun to sweep, I'd actually prefer that a young team like ours win every series in 7. We need the playoff experience, both in winning and in losing. Whoever we play in round 3 will have a LOT more playoff experience than we will.