View Full Version : Pacers And Fans Must Lose Attitude

05-12-2004, 11:04 PM
I really hope these past two games have caused some fans here to chill out, and realize that the Pacers aren't invincible, we can be beaten, and at times we can flat out look like ****, and we have the past two games.

We get pissy at Detroit fans for proclaming themselves kings of the world, and then laugh when they get their butts whooped. Well, we're guilty of the exact same talk.

This talk about how the Heat will only win one game obviously will go away now, this talk about how they don't have depth and they're tired is obviously a myth since he hasn't affected them at all, their lack of an inside game obviously isn't really affecting them too much either.

This is the fourth game in a row we've got outworked. The Heat look more like a TEAM than the Pacers have this series. We haven't played well yet either.

The Pacers' and we fans are guilty of having too big of swelled heads, and hopefully these two losses (*** whoopins) will bring us back down to earth where we belong.

Until we go back to playing with some sort of passion, playing hard, and playing with some sort of fundamentals we're going to keep on losing, and we could easily lose this series.

Our defense sucked tonight. How many wide open shots are we going to let them have? Why cannot we stop dribble penetration? Until they fix these things, we'll continue to lose.

Detroit and Indiana fans alike gotta remember, it could easily be New Jersey and Miami playing in the ECF.

05-12-2004, 11:07 PM
This talk about how the Heat will only win one game obviously will go away now.

I had Pacers in 6.
Either way, you are right...I think everyone just got so caught up on having a Pistons/Pacers ECF that we all forgot about the "others".
We talk about lack of respect, but people are giving it to us now - saying that we will win most nights...and look at what happens.
Now it's Miami who is using the lack of respect to their advantage...just like we used to do.

05-12-2004, 11:09 PM
I predict the Heat will win in 6. That layoff is really looking like a big problem now as we've completely lost our rhythm defensively and our teamwork sucks!

I have lost the faith because we QUIT tonight and there is nothing worse in Sports then to give up!

:mad: :( :confused: