View Full Version : What the heck just happened?

05-12-2004, 10:42 PM
What year is this?

We're out of position on every shot to get any chance of a rebound, defensive or offensive.

Except for JO and Ron, no one could hit the broad side of an airplane hanger.

Where was that much-vaunted "preparation" and "focus"?

That was probably the most depressing thing I've witnessed all season, as it came close to making a complete mockery of everything we thought were our strengths.

Aw Heck
05-12-2004, 10:49 PM
That Bender/Harrington for McGrady trade is looking REAL good now...

but in all seriousness, I think the Pacers are just getting outplayed. Jermaine and Artest are being forced to carry the offense. While they had help from everyone else in the first two games, now no one else is doing much.

Now I (and I hope Carlisle as well) am ready to see what Kenny can do in the backup PG spot. AJ was good earlier in the season, but now he just kills the offense. The Pacers cannot afford that in the playoffs and would do well to get Anderson on the floor, especially if the Pacers meet a certain trapping team next round (If the Pacers get there of course :rolleyes: ).

I think Pollard could actually be useful, just to bang bodies with Brian Grant and try to keep him from the boards, since that appears to be a sudden major problem for the Pacers.

Just my thoughts.

05-12-2004, 11:11 PM
I'm just afraid it's 1994 again, except this time we're the Hawks.

05-12-2004, 11:15 PM
Here's my idea of what is happening.

This is a very young team and it shows. Huge first half by Oneal. Where was the huge finish? He had a great game, but when he starts like that, the rest of the team goes stagnant. Regardless, offense wasn't the problem. When a Miami team not known for its offense gets one hundred on a supposedly great defensive team in the playoffs, we know where the problem lays.

Bender had been a huge difference maker in the first round. Kind of hard to make much of a difference when you don't even get in. Let Jones bring it up the court and bring Bender in for Tinsely. Or at least give him a few minutes in place of Harrington to see if he's going to bring it.

I will always praise Reggie, but games like this make me realize he doesn't have what it takes to lift this team over the top. However, games like this wouldn't be such bad shooting nights if he shot on a regular basis. I say go down shooting with the veteran who may not get a chance as good as this.

Those two fouls at the end show that the Pacers may be psychologically defeated. So many personalities on this team make them so potentially collapsable.

So much for the Pacers in five. And watch out for the mortal wound seeping into the next game. These Pacers to me are just young. Not yet able to handle the pressure. That's games in a row when we were close heading down to the stretch and got quickly pushed out to double digits isn't promising in the least.

All season long, it's been get past the first round, then get to the ECF. They were focused first round. Then, like most of us, they had their eyes on the prize. That also is youth. Egos get in the way. And we all know this team is full of egos.

One last thing. I never give Oneal enough credit. But when he has a great first quarter offensively, he needs to counterbalance by keeping his man off the offensive boards. Oneal has been known to jump over people without posting out. That's clearly been causing problems with Grant because he's such a positional player. The third in the voting for MVP needs to stop worrying so much about his offensive game, or about getting posterized by Wade (notice the attempt to get the charge instead of going for the block on a big potential three point play that led to a potential four or five point play after Miama snagged the rebound), and needs to focus on not only rebounding, but about preventing his man from hitting the boards as well.

Those two fouls at the end bother me. The Pacers look morally psychologically and egotistically defeated. They have been whipped twice in a row down the stretch. All it takes is one road game. For either team.