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01-21-2007, 12:52 AM
That game today was a great game. even though the pacers lost, we can see what the pacers are now.

I have been a warriors fan and a Mike Dunleavy fan ever since he was in college. I am still a warriors fan though in the East, now Pacers are my favorite team now

Game today, I like how Troy Murphy went for the boards on tonights game, it was similar to what Jeff Foster brings but Tmurph cud knock down open jumpers and thats important when you have a post player like J.O. as double team comes, he will pass it.

Ike Diougu still i think needs developing, back when he was a warriors, he is a great post up player but he is like a black hole on your offense that once he gets the ball down low, he is going to pumpfake himself for a shot and he rarely passes the ball, he does not re post and i think thats his only problem because he is a great rebounder.

Mike Dunleavy tonight was awful in the 1st half but was very instrumental in the 3rd quarter. he is a very streaky shooter but once he gets going he is on, though offense is not what i look for him in the game, its how the floor is spaced when he is playing and how he plays the game, he is a very smart basketball player who thinks throughout the game, he is such a great addition to the pacers organization and im happy for him. Warriors fans are happy too that he is out. lol

Danny Granger today was great, though he kinda got quiet during the 2nd half, he was pretty good on that last run that the Pacers had. In the 1st quarter, i see how this kid could develop into a formidable star player to bulid around J.O, he is not selfish and really could play defense, he had developed his jumpshot more than any other though i think, dribbling is what he should be focusing more and thost fade-away post up moves against a smaller defender.

Jermaine O'neal, was his usual self, dominating down low, I think that he is really the Heart and Soul of this franchise, He could hit mid range shots when he is open, I just didn't like how there wasnt any post up plays for him during the 4th quarter but he played great today rebounding and playing D at times.

Marquis Daniels, he was a very good of the bench player today as he was providing some scoring when the Pacers gladly needed it, i also think he is a good defender but he often gets in foul trouble, i want to see him play along side a MIke Dunleavy.

Jamaal Tinsley, I have no hate for Jamaal Tinsley because I think he is a good point guard, but there was a lot of plays when i didn't see him as a point guard, i saw him as a 2 guard trying to score. I don't like his decision making sometimes as he is not sure if he is going to shoot or pass it. If he goes back to his pass first attitude in the 3rd maybe they could have won that game as in the 4th quarter, there was like a span of 3 or 4 possessions in a row when he should have passed the ball and instead got bailed out by the referees.

Overall, i like the trade as I think this could really help out the Pacers and Warriors in their own right, i am watching the Warriors right now and Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington just fits in perfectly with Don Nelson's style of play as they are running up and down forcing looseballs.

what you guys think???

01-21-2007, 02:55 AM
I largely agree with your comments. It was largely well played, but we needed some stops. Have to agree with the decision making by Tins.

I watched the GS game as well. Without Baron, the warriors started to look alot like the pacers on a bad day - the shooting went cold, the defense was not there.

01-21-2007, 03:11 AM
Mike Dunleavy has fans?:hmm:

01-21-2007, 03:24 AM
Mike Dunleavy has fans?:hmm:

Brad "I Can't Rebound Nor Defend, I'm Injury Prone And Teams Are Better Without Me Yet I'm Actually Making $44M Over the Next 4 Years" Miller has fans?


01-21-2007, 04:02 AM
lol tnx