View Full Version : Bruno squashes Maggette rumor

lumber man
01-20-2007, 01:22 PM
Q. One of the long-standing "rumors" is the desire for Mike Dunleavy Sr. to have his son on his team. What is the possibility of the Pacers now trading Dunleavy Jr. to the Clippers for a player or two? It was rumored last year that the Clippers wanted to get rid of Corey Maggette, who makes approximately the same amount as Dunleavy. (From Bradley in Indianapolis)
A. This is what happens when two rumors collide: erroneous assumption. There have been rumors for awhile that the elder Dunleavy would enjoy coaching his son. This isn't exactly Richter scale news; what father in his position wouldn't want the same thing? And there also have been rumors for awhile the Clippers are shopping Maggette. His name, in fact, came up last year when the Pacers were pursuing the Ron Artest deal but Maggette was injured at the time.
In this case, however, when you put two and two together you come up with 22. Which is to say, it just doesn't add up.
While the elder Dunleavy did call Donnie Walsh Thursday, it wasn't to talk trade. It was to let the Pacers CEO know how enthusiastic he was about his son's trade to the Pacers. He believes this to be a much better fit than Golden State for his son, who should thrive in a more structured system because of his basketball intellect, fundamentals and all-around game.
As Walsh explained it, "We're keeping Mike Dunleavy. I talked to his father and he's happy he's coming here and thinks it'll be good for his career. He's got Maggette and (a trade) was never brought up. Period." End of disscusion. End of rumor. http://www.nba.com/pacers/news/question_070119.htmln.