View Full Version : I'm not upset, I'm not depressed, I'm glad they have some competition!!

Will Galen
05-11-2004, 03:31 AM
I'm never glad the Pacer's lose, but teams need to undergo the crucible of fire and the Pacer's have been winning easy. They need to be challenged and now they have a bit of one and I'm one who believes it will be good for them.

Forums are funny, or maybe it's as Art Linkletter once said, 'People are Funny.' The Pacers have been playing bad and winning and almost nobody was concerned, now they have dropped a game and people are moaning and groaning.

Don't people realize that if the Pacer's would have had another long break after the Miami series they would have never gotten untracked until it was to late against Detroit or NJ.

I think it would be optimum if the Pacers/Heat series went one less game than the NJ/Detroit series.

Another thing I think. I think Reggie didn't shoot because he really didn't want another long layoff. That doesn't mean I think he was trying to lose.

05-11-2004, 04:48 AM
Well from Ricks' comments if seems he blames himself for not calling any plays for Reg, but Reg said there were little or no opportunities to shoot, and you can take that any way, even to the point of confirmation of Ricks' statement.

Yes it is for the better, I would have hated the idea to win this series on half a leg and getting the rude awakening in the first homegame in the ECF.

Maybe that is why Rick did what he did, maybe he wanted to show them the lack of energy was nefast for further success.
One thing I'm sure off, this team has not lost consecutive games that many this season and I'm pretty sure they do not want to start that trend now.

I am looking forward to the next. :D