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01-18-2007, 01:21 PM
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Did I know about it? Did my little birdie at Pacers HQ warn me?
I knew something was going on at 10 am yesterday according to my source. They did not know it was with Golden State. Honestly I was hearing Memphis, and I still continue to hear Memphis. I also hear a little bit of both teams in the City of Angels (take your Pick)
Players names being thrown around are :
Possible Coming to:
Mike Miller
Damon Stoudamire
Hakim Warrick
Kyle Lowry
Sam Cassell
Cory Magette
Aaron Williams
Possible Leaving:
Jeff Foster
Jamal Tinsley
Marquis Daniels
David Harrison
The Trading deadline is Feb 22<SUP>nd</SUP> at 3pm EST . The Pacers play the following games:
Jan 20<SUP>th</SUP> New York
Jan 22<SUP>nd</SUP> Chicago
Jan 24<SUP>th</SUP> Miami
Jan 27<SUP>th</SUP> Toronto
Jan 28<SUP>th</SUP> @ Detroit
Jan 30<SUP>th</SUP> Boston
Feb 2<SUP>nd</SUP> Lakers
Feb 3<SUP>rd</SUP> @ Memphis
Feb 5<SUP>th</SUP> Golden State
Feb 7<SUP>th</SUP> Seattle
Feb 9<SUP>th</SUP> Denver
Feb 11<SUP>th</SUP> Clippers
Feb 14<SUP>th</SUP> Memphis
Feb 21<SUP>st</SUP> Milwaukee
That means we have 14 games before the trade deadline with only 2 on the road. We play Memphis, the Clippers and the Lakers in that stretch. The Pacers have 7 days off after Valentines day for the All-Star Break. If another trade is to be made it will be in that time frame between February 15<SUP>th</SUP> to the 21<SUP>st</SUP>. The trade will come from a western division team as the east is wide open for anyone to this point. No GM is going to give another a piece that might propel his team ahead in the same conference.

If I were making a trade here, it would be Tinsley and Daniels to Memphis for Warrick, Miller and Stoudamire. Then Dunleavy & Foster to The Clips for Cassell & Maggette
If your going to Blow it up.....Blow it up right with shorter term contracts.....:devil: <o:p></o:p>

01-18-2007, 01:33 PM
Smash, I could see Bird having interest in Miller from Memphis, but I don't think they would be willing to take on Stoudamire just like they avoided Bonzi.

I would think if Cassell's name is coming up then Tins has finally wore out his welcome as well.

pig norton
01-18-2007, 01:40 PM
Now that would be awesome.

01-18-2007, 01:50 PM
I don't see any team willing to take on Tinsley without wanting Granger or Foster and Shawne. His contract is simply too big for what he has produced. On top of that...I don't see them giving up on Warrick..who has been playing extremely well in his sophomore season.

I agree with with RWB....if any trade were to happen....it would likely be Foster+filler for Mike Miller+filler.

However.....from all these threads that I have read about our newly acquired Pacers.....I get the sense that they would do much better when paired up with Big Men that stick to the paint to help out on Defense and rebounds. I would prefer to wait until the trade deadline to see how Murphy/DunDun/Diogu plays next to Baston ( a very-poor man's Jeff Foster ) before including Foster in any deal ( unless its a no-brainer ).