01-18-2007, 01:28 AM
Today I recieved my new Adidas Pacer NBA SERIES sneakers. Man, they are dope! I highly recommend them to anyone who loves the Pacers. They have nice stitching and the classic Adidas Shell Toe. Anyway check them out.

SEE HERE (http://store.nba.com/gp/product/B000LS6YEM/ref=sc_iw_c_13_0_14158241_1/104-4613402-2701544?ie=UTF8&m=AI034WF8DHTF9&league=core)

Now with recieving these new shoes today and today being the BIG trade day, I have say I am excited about the future and that means this season not next. I have to say I was surprised by todays trade like the rest of you. It was a shock. But after sitting with it for a day, I think it was a great trade and could turn out to change our season for the better.

I like the thought of Troy at the Center position, between him and Foster you could have 20 rebounds a game, alone. I think he will also help JO a lot with spacing because Troy can hit the outside shot.

Dunleavy I am not so sure about, would love to send him to the Clips for
Corey Maggette.

IKE could be the brightest spot. I see him and Granger has part of out future core of players. I live here in Oakland so I have seen IKE play and he moves around alot, gets boards, and can score in the post. So he could be a huge plus.

I say BYE to Jackson. He did provide us with alot. I believe he played everynight. I got to see him play once here in Oakland and he played well. But far too many negative things happend with him and it is for the better that he leaves.

Al Harrington was last summers prize and alot of fans were excited to see him back, but the bottom line is he doesn't fit here, there was enough time to see it wasn't working. JO and his game are too alike. Al leaving is also for the best. Plus I really think IKE is the future and getting him in this deal is the best part.

So overall today was a good day for me with the sneakers, the trade, and the possibilities for the near future.