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05-10-2004, 03:22 PM
Okay, I've been offline all weekend, and I haven't seen this discussed (although, admittedly, I haven't had a chance to catch up with every thread, either.) But some of the people sitting around me at the games last weekend obviously haven't seen too many games or ever spent any time studying game strategy. And I've been irritated about that all weekend.

The Pacers have been able to cruise through games #1 and #2 because, primarily, of JO's dominance. The people around me wanted him to sit down or get fewer touches just because he shot at a low % this weekend. :unimpressed:

Although his shot isn't falling, he's been the best/ most dominant player on the court. He's single-handedly put Brian Grant in foul trouble in both games. And Odom. And the backup stiffs (Allen and what's-his-name.) And I agree with Rick, he's taken a beating even when the fouls aren't called - and that's also driving down his FG%.


With Miami trying so hard to contain JO (physical, switching, swarming defense, double and triple teams, etc.), and to a lesser extent, Al, its opened the door for Ron, Reggie and Jamaal to have big games. And to thier credit, they're prepared to capitalize on those opportunities.

I wouldn't expect Miami to adjust their defense in response to Ron's and Reggie's hot hands - they know they don't really have an answer for all our weapons and for our post players (JO and Al) in particular. And its especially important for the Pacers to continue to work the ball to JO first - his FG% is irrelevant in terms of the game plan or the fact that he's the primary option. If Miami decided to play him "straight up" he'd easily drop 35 (with 20 rebounds) on them - assuming the Pacers guards don't forget that he's down there.

:idea: JO is the best post player the Pacers have had since a couple guys named Daniels and McGinnis.

Tangentally... Some fans (at the arena) need to take off their Reggie-Miller-filtered-glasses and begin appreciating JO's dominance. Perhaps this is another variable in the declining ticket sales - that the "more casual" fan base is having a hard time transitioning this "face" of the Pacers to JO and Ron? I think we hard-core dorks on here "get it".

Comments, anyone?

05-10-2004, 03:28 PM
A deep playoff run and the Star putting Jermaine's face in the paper will help. Of course when Reggie has a flasback the papers and sportscenter forget that there are other players on the team.

05-10-2004, 03:33 PM
Jay, I could not agree more.

There were several times especially Saturday night when the Heat had all 5 defenders in the paint when J.O got the ball. Needless to say(except for a few fans who were sitting around you) that creates so many openings for the other Pacers. In fact Tinsley did a great job in the third quarter exploiting this defense, instead of taking the three point shot he drove into the lane a created a lot of easy shots.

I do think Brian Grant plays J.O rather well. He is the type of player who give J.O. some problems. He has a lower center of gravity and can push J.O out a little and can keep him out of the lane.

I don't want to sidetrack this thread, but I need to mention that AJ has played very well in the first two games

05-10-2004, 04:16 PM
Jay you make a very good point. Sometimes I wonder why teams do not go down to their big man more often, especially if they can really do damage to the opponent. JO clearly has an advantage in the post, and we need to do a good job of getting the ball to him more often.

Of course, JO is very capable of shooting better than he is right now. He is a little off, but I am not worried. Once his shots start falling in, the Heat are really done for. That would be the most opportune time to get the ball to him.

I know I shouldn't be talking about Detroit, but if we do have to play them (and hopefully NJ can continue their play from yesterday), how will JO play? You do realize that JO can no longer post up like he normally does, since Detroit's interior defense is too good for that. Obviously, the outside shots must fall, and that worries me. How does JO and the rest of the team for that matter beat this defense?

05-10-2004, 05:11 PM
You blasphemer :confused: !

I respect your posts Jay, but consider the swarming, physical defense did what? Helped us to an NBA record.

Looking through my Miller-colored glasses, you could say that JO himself is partially responsible as defers consistently to Reggie as THE MAN. A class act but one I feel has been sincere. I don't believe the real fans think Reggie is the go-to guy any longer, but when he does rise as he did last night it leaves everyone feeling good. Nobody on the Pacers pulls the spectators out of their seats the way Reggie does.

JO knows his time is right on the cusp. He gets the major network interviews. And can anybody tell me anyone who gives a better or more charming interview than Jermaine. Nobody in this league.

Reggie isn't going to be around for us much longer. He carried us for years then deferred when the time came to do so. Not a common occurence. He deserves every bit of attention he gets. JO is going to be more than a worthy successor.

05-10-2004, 08:10 PM
Let me re-phrase...

I was thoroughly excited with the Uncle's game #2 performance. 19 points in 18 minutes is incredibly impressive in any playoff game. I'm glad he got the crowd reaction he received. And I admire JO's deferrence, JO's leadership is hard to describe but its an intergral part of the Pacers success so far this year.

What irked me, and I may not have spelled this our completely in my first post, was the number of people around me that were all over JO because "if he was truly a MVP candidate he's score more/ shoot better/ whatever." They only equated dominance to scoring a bunch of points or hitting every shot or something like that. Just drawing the triple-team wasn't enough (I'm not sure they recognized the triple team) even though other players frequently capitalized. I actually heard people say "we can thank Tinsley and Reggie for being up 2-0 because JO just isn't getting the job done ... just like he choked against Boston and New Jersey."

Lately, I've been somewhat :unimpressed: with Section222. I think I'm moving for next season, but that's a discussion for after the season ends...

05-10-2004, 08:23 PM
Lately, I've been somewhat :unimpressed: with Section222. I think I'm moving for next season, but that's a discussion for after the season ends...

If you do, it's easy for me to edit your username so we can change it to Jay@Section(new#) easily :) :D :cool: