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01-02-2007, 03:06 PM
...into the season, the time has come to make some kind of analysis of our teams. If you don't think the time has come yet, then for the love of god, stop reading!

I listed a few questions/categories:

MPP: Who has been your team's Most Productive Player thus far?
Best player: Which player on your team averages the most fantasy points per game?
Biggest surprise: Well?
Biggest letdown: Whether it has been due to injuries or poor play, which player hasn't lived up to your expectations?
Best pickup: Which player you picked up off waivers or signed as a FA has helped your team the most?

Health rating: On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate the overall health of your team thus far? (This may be a bit subjective, but I wanted something in asking about injuries)
Number of original players left: How many players that are on your roster now were on the roster you drafted?

2006-2007 ABA champion: Your prediction!

Feel free to add some other categories...

Btw, this may also be the time to thank Mourning for inviting me to and Jose for letting me play in this league. Because it's so much fun, I'm really enjoying this game. :D

01-02-2007, 03:09 PM
MPP: Baron Davis
Best player: Baron Davis
Biggest surprise: Dorell Wright
Biggest letdown: Andrei Kirilenko
Best pickup: Dorell Wright

Health rating: 7
Number of original players left: 8

2006-2007 ABA champion: Terre Haute Highlanders

01-02-2007, 03:41 PM
MPP/MVP: Dwayne Wade

Biggest surprise: David Lee

Biggest disappointment: Andray Blatche. I know he was my last pick, but I expected this guy to get some actual PT and produce this season. Big Z is a close second.

Best pickup: I haven't hit the wires this season...yet. My team has honestly been a little better than their record (I should be 7-2 rather than 5-4 right now), but I'll have to do something to attempt to put my team over the top.

Health rating: Before this week, I would have said 9-10. But with Wade going down, I'd have to say about 7-8.

Number of original players left: 12...for now.

2006-07 champion: Amsterdam in an upset.

01-02-2007, 04:17 PM
MPP: Paul Pierce
Best player: Paul Pierce
Biggest surprise: No good ones
Biggest letdown: Jalen...Dude can't even get on the court
Best pickup: Matt Barnes

Health rating: 1. Three of my top four picks (Pierce, West, Howard) have missed considerable time, not to mention Damon Stoudamire and Pryzbilla

Number of original players left: 7

2006-2007 ABA champion: Jay's Reddmen. Don't give up...Don't ever give up!!

01-02-2007, 04:42 PM
MPP - Tie between Brand and Okafor
Best - Same - Brand's more consistent though
Surprise - Ugh - though I just picked up Matt Carroll
Letdown - Larry Hughes - at least when Webber plays he produces
Health Rating - about a 6 - Hughes missed 10 games early, Webber's been on and off (though I expected that a little) and now Kwame's out "indefinitely"
Originals - 10 - all but Humphries and Snyder (replaced with Carroll & Garcia)

Predicting Amsterdam - the scores the last couple of weeks have been impressive.

01-03-2007, 09:11 AM
MPP: Jason Kidd

Best player: Jason Kidd (with Mo Williams and Caron Butler not far behind)

Biggest surprise: Ruben Patterson

Biggest letdown: Jarvis Hayes (hence why I dropped him for Earl Watson)

Best pickup: Earl Watson (thanks Rasky ;))

Health Rating: 9/9+ (Etan has been out since early december and Jameer has missed about 4 games, so not much is wrong here)

Number of original players left: 11 (hopefully 9 after this week)

2006-2007 ABA champion: Terre Haute and Burnzone have the best frontcourts and decent backcourts, I think I have the best backcourt and a decent frontcourt. Usually the frontcourt wins, but I am doing very nicely lately. Magic Rat is still VERY much there too, especially when Josh Smith returns. There are other teams too that are very tough. In other words this is hard to predict. I'm going with Terre Haute though, Peja playing this season will be crucial though.


Mourning :cool:

01-03-2007, 10:05 AM
MPP - Gilbert Arenas

Best - Same

Surprise - Biedrins, produces more then I expected

Letdown - The whole bleeding team!

Health Rating - about -4, considering that everyone has missed time, I have kristc uot for the season, Shavlik out indef. Jaric and Nene out again means I hardly every play a full team.

Originals - All, what do you replace Kristc with ? Elson?

Predicting Amsterdam - much to my chagrin :)

01-03-2007, 10:21 AM
Predicting Amsterdam - much to my chagrin :)

:tsk: :tsk:


01-04-2007, 01:46 AM
Well, since Hicks picked, like, half my team I feel wierd answering these questions. Still...

MPP: Antawn Jamison - if only because he's the most consistenty good.

Best player: Allen Iverson - now that he's playing again, anyway, though his stats have dropped off a tad since the trade.

Biggest surprise: A toss-up between Quentin Richardson and Udonis Haslem. Neither of which I picked myself - good call Hicks!

Biggest letdown: Chris Kaman - for a second-round draft pick and my number one center, he doesn't produce a great deal, though he has been doing better lately.

Best pickup: Jarron Collins - the only FA I've picked up so far, although I did make a trade if that counts. I don't play him a whole lot, but he's better than Ely who I dropped for him. For a third center, he's not terrible.

Health rating: 7 - almost everybody's missed a couple games, but no one's missed a whole lot of time except for Iverson (which wasn't really an injury) and Richardson.

Original players left: 9

2006-07 Champ: I'll be wishy-washy and say either Amsterdam or BurnZone. Or Terre Haute. Or...


Los Angeles
01-06-2007, 02:03 PM
MPP:Chauncey Billups.
Best player: Billups
Biggest surprise: Eddie Curry.
Biggest letdown: Mo Pete, not his fault that he got benched though.
Best pickup: Ime Udoka.
Health rating: 5. It's been a bad year for me.
Number of original players left: I have no idea.
2006-2007 ABA champion: Burnzone.