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Will Galen
12-29-2006, 12:06 PM
This takes two different trades to accomplish.

Indiana Pacers Incoming Players

Shavlik Randolph
Salary: $1,000,000 Years Remaining: 1
PTS: 4.5 REB: 4.2 AST: 0.3 PER: 15.45

Steven Hunter
Salary: $3,024,000 Years Remaining: 4
PTS: 4.5 REB: 3.0 AST: 0.1 PER: 15.22

Samuel Dalembert
Salary: $9,464,307 Years Remaining: 5
PTS: 9.5 REB: 7.8 AST: 0.5 PER: 16.75

Outgoing Players: Jeff Foster, David Harrison, Jamaal Tinsley

The second trade would be Harrington for Miller.

Andre Miller
Salary: $8,966,666 Years Remaining: 3
PTS: 13.0 REB: 4.5 AST: 8.9 PER: 16.84

That would give Philly 3 starters and a big guy with potential in Harrison. The trade also cuts Philly's salary by 2.5 million, or 5 million when you consider the dollar for dollar luxury tax. The Pacers are just enough under the luxury tax that they could take on the extra salaries without paying the tax.

The Pacers would look like this,

F 6'11 JO/ 6'10 Baston/ 6'9 Powell/ 6'10 Randolph
F 6'9 Grange/ 6'9 Williams
C 6'11 Dalembert/ 7'0 Hunter
G 6'2 Miller/ 6'4 Saras/ 6'1 Armstrong/ 6'4 Greene
G 6'8 Jax/ 6'6 Daniels/ 6'7 Marshall

Right now Randolph has a broken left ankle, plus he has one year Bird rights so he must give his consent to being traded. However he's not germaine to the trade and he could be dropped or replaced.

The question I would have, is Dalembert a threat in the post? JO goes down quite a bit and if we trade Harrington we wouldn't have a post up threat.

Trader Joe
12-29-2006, 03:12 PM
No way. Dally's contract is gruesome.

01-01-2007, 12:48 AM
The question I would have, is Dalembert a threat in the post? JO goes down quite a bit and if we trade Harrington we wouldn't have a post up threat.

dalembert has close to zero offense. basically he gets his points from putbacks and layups. he's a big guy who can rebound and block shots, though.

yes, daly has a massive contract, plus he has a bit of an injury history. on the other hand, taking daly is about the only way philly is taking back the long contracts of tinsley and harrington, and parting with dre miller besides.

i'm iffy about the trade. we improve our pg position, but weaken our big men somewhat - a bit of a gamble really, depending on how good/injury-free dalembert is in the future, since we are giving up solid big man vets.

01-07-2007, 09:10 AM
It's a gamble. Dalembert has a lot of potential, and if JO can stay healthy, those 2 as shotblockers would be unparallelled in the league. I'd say the Granger-JO-Dalembert triangle would be more fearsome than Prince-Wallace-Wallace. However, this would also require Dalembert to embrace his role as garbage man, fix his work ethic issues, and would also hinge on JO staying healthy. If JO gets hurt in this scenario, we're screwed. I suppose that's true of most Max contract players, but it still makes me cringe to think about it.

I'd say that the team is certainly better after the trade, at the expense of being more cap-bound and a little less resilient to injury.

Leisure Suit Larry
01-07-2007, 10:16 PM
horrible trade

01-10-2007, 12:37 AM
horrible trade

Great analysis, you really added a lot to the discussion.