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05-06-2004, 01:47 PM

Associated Press
INDIANAPOLIS -- Ron Artest missed the Pacers' morning shootaround because of a migraine before Thursday night's second-round playoff opener against Miami.

"We hope he's going to be all right," Indiana coach Rick Carlisle said. "I talked to him and told him to stay home. Hopefully, he'll be ready by game time."

Artest is the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year, and the Pacers were counting on him to help handle the versatile Heat lineup -- especially forward Caron Butler, who enjoyed a breakout performance in the first round against New Orleans.

Artest was the Pacers' second-leading scorer during the regular season, averaging 18.3 points.


Hopefully, this will go away with a little extra sleep. I personally know that migranes are nothing to take lightly. :(

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My bad. I was probably making my thread when your's was posted.

Looks like you beat me by 6 minutes. :blush:

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Gotta love thread races. :lol2: :maniac: