View Full Version : art 5 of the rules of PD, posting from other (sites)

12-02-2006, 11:46 AM
5. On Posting Articles From Other Sites.

I like to emphasise that when posting articles from newspaper sites, or other sites in general as a rule you will have to:

A. Make sure the source and the author are mentioned. B. Make sure there is a link to the article in question.

Failing to do so will result in removal of the post in question.

This is not a power syndrome, this has to do with rights (IP and other) and obligations you face when doing this. It is allowed (more or less) to post the articles under several laws, however we can never prove our case if we do not mention sources, at that moment in time (no sources) it becomes simply theft of IP rights.

Please protect the people who run this site.

This is not a joke, I have now reached a state where I no longer will add the links for you (and the referal) I will simply delete the article and leave a message saying why I did that.

I do not feel compelled to get into trouble over something so trivial as posters refusing to refer to a source in their copy activity.