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11-30-2006, 04:03 AM
Just got back from the Oracle Arena. What a finish. Best Warrior-Pacer game or NBA game I have ever been to mainly because of the finish. (The Pacers are undefeated in the 6 or 7 games I've seen them play) I wasn't overly confident due to how well the Warriors were playing, but our boys got it done. Not as many Pacer fans in the house tonight, but Section 110 was rocking with the few that were there when Jack hit the 3. (Warrior fans wer hitting the exits when they were up 4 w/41 seconds)

Jamaal Tinsley: So this is what it's like to be the fan of a team with a top tier PG. It has been too long since he has played at this level. He can get any shot he wants and the 3 is even looking better. Sure there were the usual careless TO's and matador D (he does play the passing lanes very well with his quick hands), but offensively JT was the man. I really like how quick he gets the ball in the frontcourt. In years past he would do that yell thing for the outlet and then walk it up. Now they instinctively outlet to Jamaal and he goes from there.

Stephen Jackson: If you keep shooting, you're do to make something. He'll come of his funk eventually, and hopefully the game winner will get the ball rolling. Defensively he was our best option on Davis and did a solid job on the much quicker BD. He was just a part of the offense rather than a go-to-guy which was very nice to see because I can tolerate Stephen Jackson, the role player.

Al Harrington: He was on fire tonight. Basically he floated around the 3 pt line and hit countless triples. Would have liked to see him attack the hoopa little more, but he ran the floor hard in transistion and played smoothly in the halfcourt.

JO: Not his best night. The officials took him out of his game during the second half. I know the numbers were good, but he played a real sloppy game (mainly the 2nd half). The Warriors went small, but constantly swarmed him when he would make his moves in the post and it was tough to watch. He was in foul trouble throughout the 4th so Ellis and Davis were able to attack the rim freely. He did make a great play on a critical 2 on 1 when he simply let Ellis shoot the layup, only Ellis was expecting contact and blew the layup.

Jeff Foster: Yeah he missed some layups, but he was all over the place in the 1st quarter. Everytime we missed, he cleaned it up. Him starting set an aggressive tone that we pretty much maintained for the entire game.

Danny Granger: Quiet night on both ends of the floor. Nothing he did stood out.

Sarunas: The offense wasn't there tonight and he certainly couldn't cover either of those guards. Not his night.

Darrell Armstrong: He couldn't stay with Davis, who attacked him down low and forced Rick to limit his minutes tonight. I love how he constantly encourages his teammates after timeouts and greets them when they come off the floor. It's great to see such a fantastic teammate in today's game.

Marquis Daniels: He could have had a huge night. Quis got to the rim whenever he wanted to but simply couldn't finish. He was very aggressive in the 2nd quarter but just couldn't convert on several solid drives. His overall game is very smooth and he has the potential to be a consistent playmaker in the open court for this team.

Overall: Carlisle sure calls a lot of TO's. It's much more annoying at the game with all the stoppages. Still this was a great win against a very athletic Warrior team. We couldn't stop their guards, but we finally proved that we could win a shootout. Normally we rely on stops, but the offense won the game tonight. Back to back wins should be huge for this bunch's confidence.

11-30-2006, 09:25 AM
Thanks for the game report!

Glad you enjoyed it and it was a good game...Here in Indiana, I just couldn't stay up that late two nights in a row (after having watched the whole game Tuesday night)...I racked out in front of the TV mid-3rd Q...

Since you have an undefeated streak going, you are hereby required to attend every Pacers game within a two hour drive....at least until you see a loss!

11-30-2006, 09:56 AM
Good read. It's always interesting to read real game reports...especially from guys like me who are Pacers fans in hostile arenas.

I agree with many of your assessments...especially I'd like to make note of your Daniels assessment...I don't want us to give up on him...He'll get it soon...and when he does he'll be deadly off the bench with Danny.

Btw, I still think that Jack's wrist is affecting his shot. I'm getting kind of worried about this...but he's playing through it and contributing in other ways...this is why i love this guy...most of the time...

11-30-2006, 08:07 PM
BND - I completely agree with everything you said, except perhaps the Rick timeouts thing (which I haven't noticed really). Jack on Davis, the guards having to be pulled due to matchups, JO in the 4th especially (though he punished them early), Quis short misses (argh), Granger...exactly the same comments I had.

Los Angeles
11-30-2006, 09:02 PM
I love in person game reports from road games.

Good job bnd45!

11-30-2006, 09:22 PM
I love in person game reports from road games.

Good job bnd45!

Me, too.

Now I'm waiting for one from Dat Dude (I assume he was there)......

12-01-2006, 07:00 PM
I've noticed rick calls a lot of time outs against aggressive teams. I think it's pretty intelligent it seems whenever a team of that offensive caliber gets going in stride rick will just call a timeout and hope the opposing team is lethargic coming out of the timeout. He also uses them to break momentum of the other team.

12-02-2006, 02:41 AM
He had to go to extra timeouts again vs SEA thanks to several meltdowns against pressure, that while intense still didn't merit the kind of awful reactions just about every Pacer made against it. Tins, Saras (first backcourt vio of the year I think), Al, Granger, Jack, Baston...probably forgetting some of the really silly TOs.

One time he had to go back to another 20 second just about a minute after trying to get them under control with a full timeout, at least IIRC.