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11-27-2006, 02:35 AM
A lot of people seem to think that 3pt. shooting is the Pacers undoing. In reality it is far from their biggest bugaboo.

The Pacers currently rank 13th in the NBA in long range shooting.
They rank 8th in 3pt attempted.
They rank 9th in 3pt made.
However, they rank 29th in field goal percentage, 26th in fg made, 19th in free throws attempted, and 26th in turnovers.

11-27-2006, 04:36 AM
quick......name one pure shooter on Indiana's roster.

And by pure shooter, i mean a guy that will knock down an open three %80 of the time. Someone that a defense HAS to pay attention to at all times.

Reason I say that, is because the Pacers have plenty of guys who will chuck up threes and make them in streaks, but that's not the same as having shooting. Jax can go 5-5 from 3 in one game and 0-12 over his next three. Same with Al, same with Tinsley, same with Daniels, same with Sarunas.

You are correct, that the pacers don't really have a problem launching (and making) threes.

I think most people find a problem in the fact it seems to be a shooting-by-commitee (no pun intended) situation. There's no consistent shooter, and thus you don't know where your offense is going to come from outside of JO. It leads to a lack of offensive structure.

As I said in the other thread, you can lack great shooters and get by on great team passing (like NJ), and you can lack great passing and get by on great shooters (like houston). But it is very, very difficult to sustain an offensive attack without either one.

BTW, I also think the shooting aspect seeps into the other categories you mentioned, because Indiana has too many guys that either take threes or inside shots. Not enough mid-range shooters on Indiana, which i think is just as big a problem.

On the bright side, Indiana has plenty of good things going for them personnel-wise. I just think something needs to be done to get them out of each other's way on the floor.

pizza guy
11-27-2006, 11:40 AM
Shooting is our problem.

Well, and bad defense.

And a poorly constructed roster that doesn't fit together.

And an incredible lack of consistency.