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11-20-2006, 09:12 AM
Anybody else notice that JO is tied for the lead in shot blocks per game with a certain guy from Charlotte?

Say what you want about JO not being a franchise type guy, I don't really buy it but that is discussion for another thread. The point of this is to appreciate how JO has become an impact player on the other end of the court.

Of all the defensive stats, blocks per game in my mind is one of the more understated stats. Right now JO is blocking 3.67 shots per game, but he affects about 15 plays per game by altering shots, or just intimidating slashers and keeping them out of the paint altogether. I got to give props to the guy for busting his rear in that respect of the game. I would love to see him push for DPOY honors and if he keeps this up who knows?:cool:

11-20-2006, 10:07 AM
He is blocking like crazy, but I think the voters look at rebounds a lot more than blocks.

11-20-2006, 10:35 AM
If he keeps it up and our defense improves, he can be in the running for Defensive Player of the Year.

11-20-2006, 10:49 AM
He is blocking like crazy, but I think the voters look at rebounds a lot more than blocks.

Yes, I also think blocks are underrated. Block = opponent's shot fails 100 % (it means at least 1 lost point for offensive team if it shoots 50 %) plus half of the steal (it depends which team grabs the blocked shot first (let's say 1 time from 2 defensive team regains control of the ball)) and it means opportunity to make an attack and another 1 point if team shoots about 50 % plus opponents fear to take actions near a very good shot blocker (as JO is). We have more than 2 points gained from blocked shot.
Block is worth no less than a steal and it usually means that opponents think twice before going against a guy like JO or Okafor. Also there are moments when a block means blocked shot which could have been 2 points 99 % for offensive team.

Rebound gives an opportunity to shoot before the def team rebounds, that means a chance to score (it depends on defence and opponents abilities of course) - block don't give such a privilege.

IMO blocked shot > def rebound and about equal to off rebound and steal.

pizza guy
11-20-2006, 12:31 PM
JO is playing some great ball. His offensive output doesn't look like too much, but I'm fairly happy with the way he is playing there as well. On D though, he's a game-changer. It was completely obvious against Milwaukee. When he was in, nobody even tried to go to the hoop, and if they did, it got swatted or at least altered by JO. EIGHT blocks against the Bucks. Once he went out, and I mean the very second, Milwaukee went right to the hoop and scored.

He's playing great all-around, though. He's averaging 2.4 assists, only slightly under last year's career high. He's averaging 16 PPG and 9 RPG, and 3.7 BPG. Along with the assists is a slight change in his role and approach. He's playing at the top of the key quite a bit, and is being used as a passer from that spot. It allows him to either get an assist or give and go to the hoop for a good shot/dunk. At the very least, it keeps the offense moving, and that's when we're the best.

His efficiency rating is +18.67.

Someone please tell me we're better without JO. I dare you. He is simply playing way too good right now for anyone to actually believe that.