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05-16-2004, 04:28 AM
This was the first game in the playoffs that actually felt like the Pacers had something to lose. I don't think anyone can honestly say they wanted to go back to Miami in a must-win scenario. With that being said, I was pretty happy with the performance overall.

Jeff Foster was obviously awesome. This game is the ultimate example of what the Pacers want Foster to do for this team. He knocked down his easy looks, hustled, hit the boards, and even was effective in defending Odom, something he was not in Miami.

Tinsley - another very solid game. It's amazing how much better the offense is with him in there. He even got 6 boards. 0-3 from downtown. If he had to pick a game to not be hitting from deep, he picked a good one.

Reggie. I think it's becoming increasingly obvious that he is not going to shoot much very often. There has been the thought that he would shoot more in the playoffs, but he just really hasn't. As long as the Pacers win, we will notice the "little things" that Reggie is doing (feeding the post, decent d, spacing, etc.). There will come a time when the Pacers need Reggie to go out and get 20 points. I hope he will recognize it, and I hope he's up to the task.

Al. I was disappointed in his performance again. He came in for JO early and really didn't show much. With each passing game, I'm wishing for a trade to swap him for a Bobby Jackson type of guard. Aside from his play, the other reason I wish for this is . . .

. . . Bender. Was I the only one that was wanting him to get more touches? I mean, he's buried on our bench and when he comes in the game Miami is DOUBLING him when he touches the ball. Of course, he's tall enough to pass out of it pretty well. He also was under control and knocked down his shots. The only thing preventing him from becoming a major force in this league is consistent minutes. For this reason, I would not be heartbroken if they could trade Al for some backcourt scoring. I just don't think he will ever get the minutes as long as we have Al, JO, and Ron here. JO and Ron aren't going anywhere, so . . . .

The rest of the team was about what I've come to expect. JO did a nice job of maintaining composure after the very weak 2nd fould they called on him. Ron was pretty focused on Wade, and did ok. He's just more effective on players that are a little bigger and not quite as quick off the dribble. I'd feel much better if Tinsley could guard him and Ron could be on Jones, Butler, or Odom. AJ was good for AJ. He hits the open shot, just is not a true PG.

I think it's imperative that we win in Miami now. While I have little doubt that we could finish them off in a Game 7, you never want to leave it to that. Also, a win in Miami would serve as confidence as there is no tougher environment in the NBA to win in right now. To win, we'll need to get positive contributions from JO, Ron, AND 2-3 other people at least (IMO, Reggie just about has to be one of those others).

05-16-2004, 08:21 AM
I love al, but doesnt it seem like he only has big nights against crappy teams with no size?

It's like he thinks everyone around the goal is 6'6" or smaller. I don't think there has ever been another player to get more of his layups blocked at the goal than AL. If only AL was 7'2" :p But ya can't fault him for goin up strong, no matter how many times his shot is blocked he aint gonna give up. Too bad the refs never give him the calls.

Anyway, I still think he is a crucial part of the team, his game has many facets, not just the TOs and blocked layups. I can't see them trading him for anyone better, cause they would need another big man if they got rid of him, what other big men are better that they could get?