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Los Angeles
10-29-2006, 02:45 PM
Brian Cook is considered a PF, however injuries to Kwame and Mihm are forcing the Lakers ot play Cook as a center this season.


Brown Injured; Bryant Plays
By Mike Bresnahan, Times Staff Writer
October 14, 2006

"It's good to be out there, moving around," Bryant said. "It's not really sore, just not as strong as it used to be, but we've done all that we can do from that perspective, so it's just getting out there and getting my legs underneath me again. It felt pretty good, so we're just trying to ease it back so I can get to 100%."

But the short-handed Lakers, still without Coach Phil Jackson on a full-time basis and center Chris Mihm at all, lost Brown to a sprained right shoulder. Brown was going up for a shot at practice when Andrew Bynum accidentally wrenched back his right shoulder.

Brown saw an orthopedic specialist Friday afternoon. When he left practice, Brown was walking gingerly to his car with an enormous ice bag over his right shoulder.

"It's feeling hot right now," said Brown, who is right-handed.

Lakers spokesman John Black said Brown's injury status is day to day.

With Mihm still recovering from off-season ankle surgery, the Lakers are looking at Bynum, Brian Cook and Ronny Turiaf to play center in the short-term.

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He is going to log minutes at center until Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown return from their injuries. His ankle problem isn't thought to be serious.

10-29-2006, 02:48 PM
Would that not mean we should change him back from FC to F when the others return?

Los Angeles
10-29-2006, 02:57 PM
Depends on how narrowly you want to define it. I thought it was by season, or by history. If you want to go by position change based on current performance, then we have potential for a big mess.

Perfect example: Rasheed. He isn't playing center, but is eligible for the position due to history and his team's rotation situation this season.

10-29-2006, 03:15 PM
an F temproraily playing C due to injuries in my book does not confirm a positional change, sorry can't support this based on the evidence (one article) posted.

10-29-2006, 03:47 PM
Abel feels as I do. If the player routinely switches back and forth the whole year (like Rasheed) fine, but if it's only until the real guy gets healthy in a month or so, I'm not so sure about that.

10-29-2006, 04:04 PM
I voted no for now but if he starts the season playing at C a lot and that holds up for 3-4 weeks I'd vote different.