View Full Version : Too much being made of preseason games?

Dr. Goldfoot
10-20-2006, 02:01 AM
I agree these new guys are exciting. I'm also trying to take it all in context. These games aren't real. Jimmy Hunter scored 17 points against the Nets in a preseason game last year and has managed just 23 points in his last 10 counting this year. He never got picked up and probably never will now. There are guys like this every year on almost every team. Marc Jackson averaged 15 points a game over 7 preseason games last year for the Nets. Antonio Meeking scored more points in the preseason last year than he did in the rest of his 5 game career with the Bobcats.

Any of these guys on the bubble w/o a contract are gone including Powell/Marshall whichever one's contract still isn't guaranteed yet.

Los Angeles
10-20-2006, 02:31 AM
I think that too much is always made of stats from pre-season games.

But I do learn alot about the players when I watch the games, and I'm sure the coaching staff and the administration learns a lot too.

10-20-2006, 02:35 AM
I think tonights game was a very important step. It was of course just a preseason game. That being said, I do think we must keep Powell And Marshall. If they give us half of what they are giving us now the rest of the season, we would be doing great by keeping these two. So Keep them please.

I think Rick sees the value in keeping them, I just hope Bird and Walsh do as well.

BIG AL: I think we must say he is the most important player on this team, on the offensive end. Plus he is there some on the defensive end of things, and just looked so fluid tonight. He really seemed to be playing within the game.

Tinsley: If he plays this way during the regular season we will be in good shape. Though the eternal question, can he stay healthy? Sweet passes tonight and nice touch.

JAX: He still is shooting too many jumpers but got to the foul line and hit his shots, plus something like 2 blks tonight. I continue to support him. He also seemed to play within the game.

Armstrong: It doesn't even matter if he scores or plays, just having him around is a big plus.

Loved seeing the team play the fast break game and I think if they play better D this will only improve.

Anyways it is nice to see a game like this. I know it is just one game and the preseason, but it is what we need to see to get some sense of what the season may hold. I just wanna see JO and Granger in the mix with AL + MD before I get real happy.


10-20-2006, 03:42 AM
Too much being made of preseason games?

Yes, especially when you have so many new players to work with. And I'd
have to agree with what Los Angeles said.

I've always viewed preseason as being more important for the coaching staff
than for the players. The players are already good, or they wouldn't be here
at this level in the first place.

This is the coaching staff's best opportunity to experiment with ideas, running
plays, and seeing how different players respond to different situations before
the games actually count.

The coaches can make better use of these games not neccessarily by trying
to win them, but by evaluating the talent onhand, and how they will fit
together on the court in a pressure situation.

Of coarse getting a win in preseason is always nice for the fans, but you can
bet the coaches are probably learning just as much, if not more about the
players in a loss than if all the games were being "sugar-coated" with wins.

This is also a good opportunity for the Head Coach to observe how his
Assistants Coaches will react so he can make sure they are on the same
page as well.

10-20-2006, 12:27 PM
Preseason only means defining your roster. Wins and losses mean nothing.