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10-09-2006, 09:48 PM
It seems that everyone has their opinions on the various players on the team and I figured it would be cool to see who on the new roster people would want to see starting for the Pacers. Just list the player, the position they should be playing, and the reason why they should be starting:

PG - Marquis Daniels - I know this is a wierd call, but with his ball handling ability I could see this working. I am by no means a fan of Jamaal Tinsley and would have rather see him go to Dallas in a trade than Anthony Johnson. Tinsley is constantly crying over injuries that have even included the flu, hell even I played with pneumonia(sp?) one time and only had minor issues. I pick Quis simply because I don't believe DA is starting material, Tinsley is worthy, and Sarunas could not handle the pressure unless he was playing the US team in the olympics.

SG- James White - I do like Stephen Jackson at times, however he does not always make the best decisions. Jackson has great moves when moving to the basket for a lay-up and can take a lot of players on one on one match-ups. But he also is way to in love with the three point shot and tends to shoot it when unecessary. I'd like to see White starting because of the athletism that I have seen him display in the college dunk contest last year and his similar ability to be able to take players one one one and score points near the basket.

SF- Danny Granger - Actually even when we had Peja I thought Granger should have been starting. For a player with minimal experience Granger seems too have the college-NBA transition almost complete. Granger is a great defender and also is a threat on the offense. He is one of the few players that I have ever seen make Ron Artest look foolish (March 17) game and that shows his ability to score. Outside of being a great athlete though Granger also is a great jump shooter (IM)) with great form, as apposed to Peja who had to have one of the ugliest forms I have ever seen. Danny Granger is definatley a deserving starter.

PF/C - Al Harrington - If you don't think Al Harrington is a deserving starter something is wrong with you. Harrington is what Pacers basketball is all about from athletism to personality. Harrington should have never been traded in the first place after Pacers fans saw his tear back a few seasons ago where he had 3 straight 40 point games before falling to an ACL injury.

C/PF- Jermaine O'Neal - I'm not even going to explain. If you don't want JO to start please find someone to take his place in some type of trade. Such as KG, Shaq, Duncan, etc...

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Jon Theodore
10-09-2006, 09:56 PM
Sarunas - He needs the confidence/responsibility that comes with the starting job. TIns will be injured anyways.

Marquis Daniels - Can help Sarunas get the ball up.

Jackson - He is a natural three if you ask me.

Jo- Duh

Al - He is stronger than JO probably so why not. He can also shoot the three meaning his man can't camp out in the lane. If Boris Diaw can play center for a winning team, then so can Al Harrington.

Yes i know this leaves Granger on the bench, but I'd imagine Granger playing even better in hopes of "cracking" the starting lineup. He is also a great sparkplug/proven scorer off the bench.

10-09-2006, 09:56 PM
Sarunas - Quiz - Danger - Big Al - Hulk

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10-09-2006, 10:00 PM

I like your lineup against 75% of the teams. Against the bigger teams like Miami, I would go with the following:

PG - Tinsley
SG - Granger (substitute White or Quis if it is a small SG)
SF - Al
C - Harrison

I think we need Al and JO on the floor as much as possible. Both are currently our best players and both will put great pressure on the interior defense.

10-09-2006, 10:03 PM
Marquis at PG (Sarunas close second): He has determination and love of the game. His desire to be great is seemingly unmatched. Sarunas would be my pick if I knew he could withstand the rigors of NBA play. Last year he got his lunch handed to him on too many different occasions by PG's who were much less heralded.

Jackson at 2: Jackson should play better in theory because he will have less pressure to deal with and can do more with the ball. Unlike what he was quoted as saying, I don't think he "makes love to pressure" quite as well as he thinks, but he's still the 2 to beat.

Danny at 3: This doesn't need explaining but just for the heck of it .... Danny plays the game with an unwavering contempt for the opponents. He likes to beat them at every pass, shot, dribble. He is phenomenal in every aspect ... he's an all star someday!

Big Al Harrington - aka the Hurricane at the 4: Al can muscle or play with finesse. He's got a big cabose and can push people with it when he needs to create. He's unselfilsh and makes others play better - he's got charisma and shares the ball with everybody on the court. He's selfless!

JO at the 4 +++: JO is a 20-10 guy. He's also passionate and a team player. He's our homegrown shot blocking ace, and knows how to drain the deuce.

That's my five! :cool:

Leisure Suit Larry
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You got it. I'm glad someone on here realizes talent is whats most important.

10-09-2006, 10:56 PM
I come through like Brady in the playoffs.