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Jose Slaughter
10-02-2006, 01:25 AM
First of all the draft will start the first Saturday after our league site opens.

Our draft clock will be 24 hours. We ran a 24 hour draft clock last season & it worked out really well. Everyone was able to draft their entire roster for the first time in the history of our league. The draft was completed in less than a week as well.

Able & his friends are in the process of setting this up for us. We need to remember that they're working on this as time permits. As soon as Able has some information worth sharing, he will.

As the veterans of our league are aware, having a knowledgeable rookie class is key to having a successful league. If a new owner gets overwhelmed, lost or discouraged he tends to lose interest & bail out during the course of the season.

In the past I've used Sports.ws to host a shadow league to assist the new guys. Well, not anymore. :(

More than a third of our league will be first year players. Of the 9 new owners, all but Indy Toad has a copy of the player stats I use for drafting my team. I hope this helps even the playing court a little.

I'd also like to thank those that have been quick to respond to questions, both from me as well as our new guys.

Finally, I'm not sure if this has been posted here before but our scoring is as follows

Points = 1

Offensive Rebounds = 2

Defensive Rebounds = 1.5

Blocks = 2.5

Steals = 2

Assist = 2

Turnovers = -1.5

Techs = -1.0

Fouls = -.5



10-02-2006, 02:09 PM
No, thank you James ;).


Mourning :cool: