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08-05-2006, 03:11 AM
hey y'all..i am wantin to be a sports agent after college and was wonderin if y'all had any connections in the field. i am lookin for some summer intern opportunities. thanks.

Go pacers!

08-06-2006, 12:14 AM
Back to the topic at hand:


I did a project on this a couple of years ago, and actually made a post about it here. That user name is no longer active so I cant find it, but you can go to the NBA Players Association site and follow this link: http://www.nbpa.com/agents.php

The requirements for being a agent is listed, and if you choose to do so you can also print off a official application.

There are several good articles out there on the profession, google is your friend in finding those. SI did a great feature on agents in general a couple of weeks back, I would highly reccommend checking that out if/when you get the chance.

As for finding a agent to intern for, I had a whole lot more luck finding listed NFL agents then I did finding NBA agents. Depending on where you live that should be to hard to find if you just check out your phone book. Worst case is they only have lawyers listed, and you can intern (or just talk to them if that is what you want to do) for a lawyer who deals with contract law and who represents/has represented athletes before.