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Will Galen
08-04-2006, 02:39 AM

Thursday, Aug. 3, 2006

How Are Offseason Workouts Monitored?
Conrad Brunner

Q. How active is the Pacers' training staff in structuring the players' offseason workouts? I have read numerous stories about players working out at facilities run by agents or with personal trainers. I contrast that with the Colts, where all the stories talk about players working out at the Union Federal Football Center presumably under team supervision. Does the team get actively tell players what to work on over the summer? Who decides if a player should be stronger or lighter? Who decides what routines would best prevent injuries? (From Frank in Indianapolis)

A. This answer comes straight from Shawn Windle, the Pacers' Strength and Conditioning coach:

"We are involved in every aspect of the planning their offseason workouts. Some guys stay in town so that we can address their needs on a daily basis. Others that leave town are set up with strength coaches/personal trainers and physical therapists in whatever city that they will be living. Every player receives an offseason workout manual which also goes to their personal trainer, physical therapist and agent with detailed instructions on daily workouts and individual goals.

"Sometimes players have people they have worked with for a long time in their summer cities so we maintain relationships with these people and we have constant communication about our goals and expectations. For the players that do not have pre-existing relationships, we select people in those cities that we feel are best suited for the players' needs. We will make periodic visits to out-of-town players homes to check in on their progress.

"Our first concern for the offseason is rehabilitating injuries. The entire sports medicine staff evaluates each player and their specific needs. As a staff, we decide what issues need to be addressed before the summer plan is written. The day after the season, we sit down with each player so that they are clear as to what their individual needs are.

"The tough part is that the summer workouts are not mandatory like in the NFL. The Collective Bargaining Agreement prevents organizations from mandating summer workouts."

As you might expect, he said it much better than I could.

I wouldn't like mandatory workouts.

08-04-2006, 06:09 AM
I wouldn't like mandatory workouts.

I don't like mandatory inservices, but I still have to go.