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Frank Slade
06-29-2006, 12:44 PM
Thursday, June 29, 2006

Conrad Brunner

Q. The Pacers' draft picks as much as anything appear to be insurance in the event that Peja (Stojakovic) and Freddie (Jones) end up exiting via free agency. Assuming Peja and Freddie re-sign with the Pacers, what role do you see Williams and White playing in their first year with the team? And if you could put on your gypsy get-up and look into your crystal ball, what will the contributions be of (Shawne) Williams & (James) White beyond year one? Perhaps you could also compare Williams & White to some current or past NBA players in terms of low-end and high-end potential. (From Gavin in Franklin, Tenn.)

A. Remember back when Magic Johnson predicted the future of basketball was five 6-9 guys playing interchangeable positions? The league has been evolving that direction, particularly with teams like Dallas and Phoenix.

Traditionally-built teams like Miami will thrive as long as guys like Shaquille O'Neal are there, but the era of the dominant center is going the way of the dinosaur. Williams and

White are players built for today's game: long, lean, athletic, active and versatile. Both also play with an aggressive edge.

The motivation was not to try to grab some insurance against Stojakovic's possible departure, but rather to fill in talent gaps on the roster.

Williams gives the Pacers a guy to send out against the Lamar Odom types, the big forwards that, with their ability to play away from the basket, have proven problematic.

White is a sic 'em defender at all three perimeter positions, not to mention a player with enormous offensive potential. Think of the problems the Pacers have had defending bigger, athletic guards and you'll realize the value of having a guy of White's skills.

Though some fans are concerned Williams plays the same position as Stojakovic and Granger, he is expected to play more of a power forward role as he grows into his body. White played all over the floor in college, including point guard, and will probably do so for the Pacers. The game is more about matchups than positions these days, and Williams and White give the Pacers two more valuable options.

I noticed ESPN compared Williams to Walt Williams, in that they consider him a point-forward type with excellent ball skills and 3-point range. I see him as more of an Odom type: a longer, leaner forward capable of causing major matchup problems for the opponents. White reminds me a little bit of James Posey in terms of his activity and aggression.

If either fulfills his comparison, the Pacers will be happy. If both do, this draft could turn out to be a benchmark in the development of the next elite Indiana team
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06-29-2006, 06:40 PM

So, do they expect Williams to fill out and become more of a 4/3 than a 3/4?